Though the title suggests just one scene, the screenplay exceeds 27 times more. I have wrapped up writing short film EMME MANZAREH (Just One Scene) which was based on a short story written by film reviewer, Ahmed Nadeem. I have highlighted on this story in my last post. So I’m going to save my finger tips from getting blisters.

Funny how last night I only sat down to write just one scene but I ended up completing it. The magic which always happens when I’m near completion of a screenplay happened. I had the usual sudden exuberance to complete it. More ideas started to ooze out in to my outline. My heart rate was jumping up, down, left and right that it felt as if it might shoot out of my chest at any minute. So I was careful. But I was unable to stop writing. I wasn’t sure if it was my hand taking control over my mind or vice versa. I didn’t take a break. I missed Barcelona’s match against Celtic in the Champions League. I’m happy I did.

When I completed writing, it was late. My head was spinning and moreover my mind was feeling twisted over the climax. The whole ending was entirely changed from the original story. I’m so tempted to write about it but that would spoil the film. But I can assure that it’s going to be one of the wickedest twists I have ever written yet.

I have already mailed the story to Nadeem for his comments. I also mailed a copy to director Ravee Farooq, who I felt would be tempted to do whatever he wants after reading it. I can’t wait for their feedback which I think I would be getting sometime this evening. Until then I await.



  1. amira

    the adrenaline rush when ideas start to flow is just an awesome feeling
    it’s amazing how stuff that takes weeks or even months to write actually materializes overnight when we put our heart into it.

    • mahdiahmed

      Yes! It’s the most awesome feeling ever to write like as if there’s no tomorrow. But nothing beats the feeling of being a God in the universe we create. Whenever we want, we twist and turns lives of so many characters and if need be destroys them mercifully or mercilessly.

      • amira

        that’s an interesting way to look at writing fiction. “playing God” 🙂
        But its such a dark thought to think you guys relish the thought of destroying a character mercilessly 🙂
        keep playing god

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