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Last night at Petay’s Restaurant, I sat with Ahmed Nadeem to discuss his comments on the short film screenplay EMME MANZAREH which I wrote and was based on a short story he published of the same name on Haveeru online two years ago.

Though he had many comments, he really loved the screenplay especially the wickedest twist which was nonexistent from his original story. He too thought it was very twisted.

Most of his feedback was on the visual look, the mood and the style which I thought changing would enrich the screenplay thus making the film darker and adding more depth to the twisted ending. He even referred me a movie to watch to understand the kind of visual style he’s talking about. So before I start re-writing I’m going to watch this movie.

The other comment he made was on some of the dialogues used for the central character. He wanted to make it stronger. I agreed on changing some while I disagreed on changing them entirely. I felt the audience would get offended since using strong language in films is still considered a bit taboo. We need to come out of this shell slowly I thought.

He was very excited when I said soon after I updated my Facebook status that I completed writing the screenplay, Dark Rain Entertainment (DRE) honcho, Mohamed Ali Moger replied me requesting for a read. I have already mailed him a soft copy of the screenplay which he will read as soon as he recovers from the flu he’s having presently. It’s difficult to continue typing this post as my fingers have been crossed since his message.

I type off for now and will return with more updates, hopefully without crossed fingers.



Though the title suggests just one scene, the screenplay exceeds 27 times more. I have wrapped up writing short film EMME MANZAREH (Just One Scene) which was based on a short story written by film reviewer, Ahmed Nadeem. I have highlighted on this story in my last post. So I’m going to save my finger tips from getting blisters.

Funny how last night I only sat down to write just one scene but I ended up completing it. The magic which always happens when I’m near completion of a screenplay happened. I had the usual sudden exuberance to complete it. More ideas started to ooze out in to my outline. My heart rate was jumping up, down, left and right that it felt as if it might shoot out of my chest at any minute. So I was careful. But I was unable to stop writing. I wasn’t sure if it was my hand taking control over my mind or vice versa. I didn’t take a break. I missed Barcelona’s match against Celtic in the Champions League. I’m happy I did.

When I completed writing, it was late. My head was spinning and moreover my mind was feeling twisted over the climax. The whole ending was entirely changed from the original story. I’m so tempted to write about it but that would spoil the film. But I can assure that it’s going to be one of the wickedest twists I have ever written yet.

I have already mailed the story to Nadeem for his comments. I also mailed a copy to director Ravee Farooq, who I felt would be tempted to do whatever he wants after reading it. I can’t wait for their feedback which I think I would be getting sometime this evening. Until then I await.



Finally the editor of DHILAKANI (Fire Sparks) has been unmasked. He is neither Tobey Maguire nor Andrew Garfield. He isn’t even Christian Bale. He is none other than, drum rolls, Ali Shifau Chippe. He is the multi-talented senior editor of Dark Rain Entertainment. His other powers include directing, screenwriting and shooting, not with a gun but with a camera. His name was officially revealed in the official Facebook page of DHILAKANI a day ago. The link is given below.

This evening, I just saw an hour and twenty six minutes of editing. The pacing looks good. Overall the performances remain top-notch. Hussain Munavvaru’s solid direction wavered a little bit in few scenes but remains consistent. Editing looks great too.

Veteran actor Hassan Maniku (Roanu) steals the show in almost every emotional scene he appears. He plays a father who has lost his faith in the system. His scenes left me in complete astonishment. Yes, I was smiling too. This is a side I haven’t seen of him so far.

I want to write more on DHILAKANI but I’m afraid I might give away too much. So I change the subject.

I have started writing a short film screenplay titled EMME MANZAREH (Just One Scene) based on a short story of the same name written by Nadheem who is infamous in local filmdom for his controversial film reviews.

I came across this story when it was first published, I think two years ago on Haveeru Online. He always shares most of his writings for my comments before publishing. From the first read I fell in love with this story. Soon after I read it, I called him up and asked for his approval to write a screenplay based on it. He readily gave me the green light. I’m forever thankful for him for giving me this opportunity to write a screenplay on one of his short stories. All of his stories never fail to entertain. I hope to write more, if he decides to give me his blessings. I hope he does.

EMME MANZAREH cuts backs to a murder three times in different perspectives. It has a very non-linear narrative but can be easily followed. I thought of stretching it to feature length but I felt that the concept would loose the essence of Nadeem’s creativity. So I’m staying faithful to his story which is sweet when always shorter. I’m hoping for a duration of 45 minutes when made in to a short film.

Hopefully in couple of days I can wrap up this screenplay which is considered as a quickie. Don’t frown! Even writers can enjoy such. Once I’m done, I’m going to have Nadeem read it first. Once it’s finalized, I’m going to meet with couple of  producers on producing. The entire production can be completed on a shoe string budget.

Until next update, I say cheers!