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As planned, this afternoon I met with Ahmed Zareer, my writing partner to discuss the suggestions he had after reading EMME MANZAREH (Just One Scene) rewrite. To begin with, he first thought the entire screenplay was going to be, like the title suggests, just one scene. But I explained to him the reason behind that title. It was called EMME MANZAREH because the narrative goes back to the same scene three times in three different angles which marks the beginning of the three respective acts in the screenplay. He nodded.

His one and only suggestion was on a pivotal scene where he thought that one of the central character was out of personality compared to how that character was built up from the start. After the meeting I went back to my laptop, read and re-read the scene and realized he was actually right. Without any hesitation I rewrote the scene removing some of the dialogues. Now the character in question has a smoother character arc. Awesome!

Then he suggested on the third angle of the murder scene to be changed. But I felt the third angle looked better the way it’s already written. Other than those, Zareer didn’t have more to say. Once again, the foreshadowing really worked just the way I intended as he never expected the shocking twist. He just loved it.

Well that’s all for now. And oh before I finish this post, I mentioned him about  an idea for the next gig I am thinking of writing, this time in collaboration with him. He was interested. More on that later.



Though Dark Rain Entertainment (DRE) honcho Mohamed Ali Moger has verbally agreed on producing EMME MANZAREH (Just One Scene), Ravee and I have already started working on an unofficial casting for the film today. We both want fresh faces and have come up with some names. Ravee has already contacted one potential actor who he thinks is suitable for the role of one of the central characters.

Meanwhile Ravee and I have also started discussing all the scenes of the screenplay individually. When translated to screen,  Ravee too wants the visual to be faithful to the vision of Ahmed Nadeem on whose short story the screenplay is based upon. But most attention will go to the key murder scene where it is shown in three angles. Each angle is the beginning of the three respective acts of the screenplay.

I’m yet to hear the feedback from Nadeem, my niece and my writing partner, Ahmed Zareer.

In other news, Ravee will sit with Ikram tomorrow night to finalize the score of INGILI (Finger). The film’s three producers, Ravee, Hussain Munavvaru and I held a meeting today to discuss on the releasing date. We are still waiting for the completion of the renovation of Olympus Cinema, as if the entire nation has just one cinema. Well, sort of.



Two nights ago, after discussing the draft screenplay of EMME MANZAREH (Just One Scene) with film reviewer and writer Ahmed Nadeem on whose short story it was based upon, I have started rewriting it today.

Like commented by him, I have rearranged couple of early scenes and removed all of the dialogues from them. They indeed look fantastic now. I have also extended some more scenes especially a scene that calls for quick cut psychedelic visuals that comes with psychedelic music and added some snorricam shots for three more scenes. Yes, changing this way has really added more meaning and much needed darkness to those scenes and the screenplay as a whole. To get inspired while writing the needed psychedelic visuals, I kept playing Help by Deep Purple and The End by The Doors. These two songs really chilled me and opened up my thinking cap making me easier to write. Says who only a joint gives hallucinations? Now I know those songs are called psychedelic for a reason.

Anyway, since this scene required a psychedelic soundtrack in the background, I wrote on using Deep Purple’s Help which was very fitting in every way. But I didn’t think this song could be added without a copyright approval. So I had to seek an alternative. I discussed the issue with Nadeem over the phone immediately. I suggested if he knew any local bands playing local psychedelic songs. He said he’d work on it and an hour later, he mailed me three songs written and performed by a local band called Gianscore. Their music was heavily influenced by The Doors. Their song ‘Veynekay’ which replaced Deep Purple’s Help, felt much more appropriate. And I’m going to use the other two songs for two other scenes. I have already noted these scenes in my new outline. Once pre-production starts, I’m going to suggest whoever is producing to negotiate with Gianscore on using their songs for the film. They were a revelation.

Other new changes brought were addition of a montage like short scenes on how the relationship with the three central characters developed. And this build-up comes inside another psychedelic song and I’m going to use one of the two remaining songs of Gianscore. That’s up to where I stopped the re-write for today and took a rest and decided to blog about the whole experience.

As I type this post, my excitement level keeps rising. The montage sequence I outlined looks flirty and connected by visuals from one scene to another. The screenplay is now looking more solid, dark and of course, psychedelic. Thanks to Nadeem for his constructive suggestions.

On other news, Dark Rain Entertainment (DRE) honcho, Mohamed Ali Moger is yet to recover from his flu and have a go at the draft screenplay. But now I want him to be reading the rewrite. That leaves me with keeping my fingers crossed for few more days. Just to give my fingers some rest, I type off this post for now.



Last night at Petay’s Restaurant, I sat with Ahmed Nadeem to discuss his comments on the short film screenplay EMME MANZAREH which I wrote and was based on a short story he published of the same name on Haveeru online two years ago.

Though he had many comments, he really loved the screenplay especially the wickedest twist which was nonexistent from his original story. He too thought it was very twisted.

Most of his feedback was on the visual look, the mood and the style which I thought changing would enrich the screenplay thus making the film darker and adding more depth to the twisted ending. He even referred me a movie to watch to understand the kind of visual style he’s talking about. So before I start re-writing I’m going to watch this movie.

The other comment he made was on some of the dialogues used for the central character. He wanted to make it stronger. I agreed on changing some while I disagreed on changing them entirely. I felt the audience would get offended since using strong language in films is still considered a bit taboo. We need to come out of this shell slowly I thought.

He was very excited when I said soon after I updated my Facebook status that I completed writing the screenplay, Dark Rain Entertainment (DRE) honcho, Mohamed Ali Moger replied me requesting for a read. I have already mailed him a soft copy of the screenplay which he will read as soon as he recovers from the flu he’s having presently. It’s difficult to continue typing this post as my fingers have been crossed since his message.

I type off for now and will return with more updates, hopefully without crossed fingers.



Though the title suggests just one scene, the screenplay exceeds 27 times more. I have wrapped up writing short film EMME MANZAREH (Just One Scene) which was based on a short story written by film reviewer, Ahmed Nadeem. I have highlighted on this story in my last post. So I’m going to save my finger tips from getting blisters.

Funny how last night I only sat down to write just one scene but I ended up completing it. The magic which always happens when I’m near completion of a screenplay happened. I had the usual sudden exuberance to complete it. More ideas started to ooze out in to my outline. My heart rate was jumping up, down, left and right that it felt as if it might shoot out of my chest at any minute. So I was careful. But I was unable to stop writing. I wasn’t sure if it was my hand taking control over my mind or vice versa. I didn’t take a break. I missed Barcelona’s match against Celtic in the Champions League. I’m happy I did.

When I completed writing, it was late. My head was spinning and moreover my mind was feeling twisted over the climax. The whole ending was entirely changed from the original story. I’m so tempted to write about it but that would spoil the film. But I can assure that it’s going to be one of the wickedest twists I have ever written yet.

I have already mailed the story to Nadeem for his comments. I also mailed a copy to director Ravee Farooq, who I felt would be tempted to do whatever he wants after reading it. I can’t wait for their feedback which I think I would be getting sometime this evening. Until then I await.