Until the producer of DHILAKANI (Fire Sparks) officially announces the talented editor who was recently appointed to edit the film, I have no authority whatsoever to reveal his name. That’s why I’m going to address him as the editor henceforth. So here’s the latest update on it.

The editor has started editing on Tuesday night, two hours after he agreed to the contractual terms of service. He has already edited twenty minutes which is quite a rapid progress considering he works only four hours each day.

Minutes after the contract was signed, to celebrate the editor’s on boarding, director Hussain Munavvaru threw a small party on his behalf on Tuesday evening at Dinemore Garden. Almost everyone who was present including the leading actor of the film, Ismail Rasheed looked as if we all wanted an immediate dive into the sea bordering the open air section of the restaurant. We all ordered submarines!

Director Hussain Munavvaru reports that the cut looks awesome and he’s very pleased. He would surely put the Cheshire cat to shame. Both smiles even have a resemblance. I’m yet to see any of the editing done. Hopefully tomorrow I will. I just can’t wait to see even a minute of it.

Also staying with DHILAKANI, director Munavvaru has appointed Ravee Farooq to produce all the promotional video materials needed for the film including all the trailers. Last night, I have mailed Ravee a soft copy of the film’s screenplay. The first official trailer of INGILI (Finger) and MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY (Come My Baby’s Father) were compiled by Ravee. Both trailers received rave reviews. Awesome!

Well, that’s all I have for now. Before I type off, Eid greetings to all.


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