INGILI (Finger) which is near completion has finally made into IMDB. The site will also have the official poster of the film on display which is yet to be officially unveiled. Below is the link to IMDB.

As producers of INGILI, Hussain Munavvaru and I met with composer Mohamed Ikram yesterday evening over an unplanned coffee. Ikram confirmed that in coming two to three days, all the work including sound design will be wrapped up and handed over to director Ravee who is also serving as a producer.

Few days back, Ikram uploaded the theme of INGILI on facebook. Check it out from the following link.

In other news, over the same coffee of yesterday, Hussain Munavvaru as the director of DHILAKANI (Fire Sparks) invited the most sought after editors of the industry. He discussed with the latter over editing DHILAKANI. At the moment I decline to mention his name since his name will be announced officially by the film’s producer.

All terms were agreed verbally between both Munnavaru and the editor. And sometime today the contract will be signed so that he can start work immediately starting tonight. He has agreed to come up with a rough cut in two weeks.

Well, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates.


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