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Finally the editor of DHILAKANI (Fire Sparks) has been unmasked. He is neither Tobey Maguire nor Andrew Garfield. He isn’t even Christian Bale. He is none other than, drum rolls, Ali Shifau Chippe. He is the multi-talented senior editor of Dark Rain Entertainment. His other powers include directing, screenwriting and shooting, not with a gun but with a camera. His name was officially revealed in the official Facebook page of DHILAKANI a day ago. The link is given below.

This evening, I just saw an hour and twenty six minutes of editing. The pacing looks good. Overall the performances remain top-notch. Hussain Munavvaru’s solid direction wavered a little bit in few scenes but remains consistent. Editing looks great too.

Veteran actor Hassan Maniku (Roanu) steals the show in almost every emotional scene he appears. He plays a father who has lost his faith in the system. His scenes left me in complete astonishment. Yes, I was smiling too. This is a side I haven’t seen of him so far.

I want to write more on DHILAKANI but I’m afraid I might give away too much. So I change the subject.

I have started writing a short film screenplay titled EMME MANZAREH (Just One Scene) based on a short story of the same name written by Nadheem who is infamous in local filmdom for his controversial film reviews.

I came across this story when it was first published, I think two years ago on Haveeru Online. He always shares most of his writings for my comments before publishing. From the first read I fell in love with this story. Soon after I read it, I called him up and asked for his approval to write a screenplay based on it. He readily gave me the green light. I’m forever thankful for him for giving me this opportunity to write a screenplay on one of his short stories. All of his stories never fail to entertain. I hope to write more, if he decides to give me his blessings. I hope he does.

EMME MANZAREH cuts backs to a murder three times in different perspectives. It has a very non-linear narrative but can be easily followed. I thought of stretching it to feature length but I felt that the concept would loose the essence of Nadeem’s creativity. So I’m staying faithful to his story which is sweet when always shorter. I’m hoping for a duration of 45 minutes when made in to a short film.

Hopefully in couple of days I can wrap up this screenplay which is considered as a quickie. Don’t frown! Even writers can enjoy such. Once I’m done, I’m going to have Nadeem read it first. Once it’s finalized, I’m going to meet with couple of  producers on producing. The entire production can be completed on a shoe string budget.

Until next update, I say cheers!


Tuesday night I had a sneak peek at the first edited 45 minutes of DHILAKANI (Fire Sparks). Yet again, it’s so frustrating for me to conceal the editor. Yes, he is yet to be unveiled. Who he is doesn’t matter at the moment. But what he’s doing behind concealment is nothing short of what every masked superhero does. This superhero is called THE EDITOR and he is a genius at the editing table. He can cut, insert, cut again and insert again any video clip at his reach and turn it in to a well paced movie. Once again, he has come up with a riveting 45 minutes of editing.

The entire cast has done an admirable job too. Thanks to sure handedness of director Hussain Munavvar. He does know how to handle the narrative. And his use of handheld camera for a very violent scene is raw and gritty, which at times is unbearable to watch, just like its impact on the leading actress who is witnessing the whole event unfolding right before her eyes. Though violent, the scene is staged very creatively using tight camera angles and of course the use of handheld camera.

The editor has estimated two weeks to wrap up editing. This is the first time he’s editing a movie where he wasn’t directly involved in the production. That’s what slowing down the editing when it comes to big scenes such as this violent scene I’m so interestingly boastful about.

In other news of DHILAKANI, director Munavvaru has scheduled 2 weeks to shoot the remaining 8 scenes including part of a song starting from 8th November.  But he’s keeping his fingers crossed for the weather to turn fine by then. Right now it’s unkind and unpredictable.

Before I finish off this post, it’s noteworthy to mention on the upcoming FATHISHANDHUIVARUGE FESHUN (The Beginning of Moonlit Dawn), the first local 3D film. In short it’s called F3D. At Dark Rain Entertainment Studio, the same night I watched DHILAKANI, I managed to watch a minute long footage of the film. Honestly, I couldn’t find my jaw. It dropped. I salute the work done by everyone at the studio including producer Mohamed Ali Mogre and cinematographer and director, Ali Shifau Chippe. But credit goes big time to Ahmed Shinan who is doing the meticulous 3D work and visual effects all by himself. It’s a remarkable experience the entire nation should and must witness, I mean everyone at the age group under which the film is classified. I take a bow to the team of F3D.



Two nights ago, at Dark Rain Entertainment Studio, Ravee and I had the chance to listen to the theme song of MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY (Come My Baby’s Father) called Burraas, written and performed by Ford who has made some great songs for HEYLAA (Wake Up), HAPPY BIRTHDAY and LOODHIFA (Crept).

Burraas is a rock song that talks about how hens become defensive when their chicks are faced with danger. The song beautifully summarizes the storyline of the film which is about a devoted mother who would go to any extent of protecting her child.

After listening to the song, Ravee, producer Mohamed Ali Moger, cinematographer Ali Shifau Chippe and I agreed the song was simply perfect and didn’t need any changes. We even decided of making a music video for the song which will be used to promote the film. Ravee has already started storyboarding the video which will include new footage of the film.

Besides the shouting made by hens and roosters, burraas also means the scream of an angry woman.

Also that night, I had the chance to watch the first edited twenty minutes of DHILAKANI (Fire Sparks) with its director, Hussain Munavvaru. The editor, whose name I still decline to reveal, has done a great job in assembling the scenes in his creative way of storytelling. I was completely unaware of how twenty minutes passed by. It was really engrossing. The entire cast has given a great performance and interestingly, it has shown maturity of Munnavaru in his direction since his debut with SAZAA (Punishment).

Last night, at L’Aquila, I hooked up with Munavvaru, leading actor Ismail Rasheed and Ravee who was recently commissioned to produce all the promotional videos for DHILAKANI. We discussed on Ravee’s proposed ideas of producing the trailers for the film. I must say his ideas were simply brilliant. Ravee is planning to complete the teaser trailer of DHILAKANI for a mid-November release. The sound of it made my day and my Marocchino never tasted better making me feel all warmed up as the rain outside poured down heavily.



Until the producer of DHILAKANI (Fire Sparks) officially announces the talented editor who was recently appointed to edit the film, I have no authority whatsoever to reveal his name. That’s why I’m going to address him as the editor henceforth. So here’s the latest update on it.

The editor has started editing on Tuesday night, two hours after he agreed to the contractual terms of service. He has already edited twenty minutes which is quite a rapid progress considering he works only four hours each day.

Minutes after the contract was signed, to celebrate the editor’s on boarding, director Hussain Munavvaru threw a small party on his behalf on Tuesday evening at Dinemore Garden. Almost everyone who was present including the leading actor of the film, Ismail Rasheed looked as if we all wanted an immediate dive into the sea bordering the open air section of the restaurant. We all ordered submarines!

Director Hussain Munavvaru reports that the cut looks awesome and he’s very pleased. He would surely put the Cheshire cat to shame. Both smiles even have a resemblance. I’m yet to see any of the editing done. Hopefully tomorrow I will. I just can’t wait to see even a minute of it.

Also staying with DHILAKANI, director Munavvaru has appointed Ravee Farooq to produce all the promotional video materials needed for the film including all the trailers. Last night, I have mailed Ravee a soft copy of the film’s screenplay. The first official trailer of INGILI (Finger) and MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY (Come My Baby’s Father) were compiled by Ravee. Both trailers received rave reviews. Awesome!

Well, that’s all I have for now. Before I type off, Eid greetings to all.