Two nights ago, at Dark Rain Entertainment Studio, Ravee and I had the chance to listen to the theme song of MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY (Come My Baby’s Father) called Burraas, written and performed by Ford who has made some great songs for HEYLAA (Wake Up), HAPPY BIRTHDAY and LOODHIFA (Crept).

Burraas is a rock song that talks about how hens become defensive when their chicks are faced with danger. The song beautifully summarizes the storyline of the film which is about a devoted mother who would go to any extent of protecting her child.

After listening to the song, Ravee, producer Mohamed Ali Moger, cinematographer Ali Shifau Chippe and I agreed the song was simply perfect and didn’t need any changes. We even decided of making a music video for the song which will be used to promote the film. Ravee has already started storyboarding the video which will include new footage of the film.

Besides the shouting made by hens and roosters, burraas also means the scream of an angry woman.

Also that night, I had the chance to watch the first edited twenty minutes of DHILAKANI (Fire Sparks) with its director, Hussain Munavvaru. The editor, whose name I still decline to reveal, has done a great job in assembling the scenes in his creative way of storytelling. I was completely unaware of how twenty minutes passed by. It was really engrossing. The entire cast has given a great performance and interestingly, it has shown maturity of Munnavaru in his direction since his debut with SAZAA (Punishment).

Last night, at L’Aquila, I hooked up with Munavvaru, leading actor Ismail Rasheed and Ravee who was recently commissioned to produce all the promotional videos for DHILAKANI. We discussed on Ravee’s proposed ideas of producing the trailers for the film. I must say his ideas were simply brilliant. Ravee is planning to complete the teaser trailer of DHILAKANI for a mid-November release. The sound of it made my day and my Marocchino never tasted better making me feel all warmed up as the rain outside poured down heavily.


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