Since August 5th I was feeling under the weather. I was stricken with a really bad flu including fever that was in a funny way, unpredictable. It was on and off. Fortunately, I am feeling okay, just in time to kick start the fasting season today. Ramadan greetings to everyone!

Before I was bedridden, I was hoping to finish writing MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY (COME MY BABY’S FATHER). Sadly, I couldn’t type a single word. Now I have rescheduled to start writing coming weekend. I am pretty excited about it.

Here are some more pre-production updates on MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY. Yesterday evening, Ravi and I hooked up for a coffee at Trends to discuss on casting availabilities. Ravi is in talks with a promising actress to play the one and only female character in the entire film. Hopefully she will give an answer before the end of next week. As for the leading male part, a rookie actor has already agreed to play the role.

The original screenwriter of the film, Ahmed has also confirmed a team of less than six members for the production crew when principal photography begins in L. Gan.

Editing of SAZAA (PUNISHMENT) resumed two days ago after being halted for two to three days due to unexpected chores to be completed at the studio immediately. Yesterday afternoon, I watched the new parts SEMI has edited. I must say that the film is looking good and it’s shaping up with great performances from Niuma, Copee Issey, Azoo and Fathimath Haleem. Semi is determined to complete editing before the end of next week. Kudos to him for his crisp editing.

And for his directorial debut, Munavvaru has done an impressive job at maintaining a good pace with storytelling. However, there are few instances where he could have done better but the principal actors help hide any weaknesses. I must once again note that Niuma has done a remarkable job in the leading role with less dialogue to deliver.

Last night, director Munavvar has taken the edited parts to Eternal Studio for color grading to be done by Ted, the film making legend. Munavvaru reports from Eternal Studio that the already tested parts for color grading look breathtaking. Stay tuned for more news on SAZAA.

I end this post for now.

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