I was hoping by now I have completed writing atleast a draft of MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY (COME MY BABY’S FATHER). But sometimes hopes are stalled abruptly. I am still unable to keep up with the schedule of writing MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY. Yes, I was supposed to start writing last weekend. Sadly, other than typing out the file name, the word document on my laptop remains blank.  I haven’t written a sentence yet, let alone a word.

After I recovered from the flu, for some odd reasons I am not aware of, I have sprained my groin. I am incapable of moving a muscle in my right leg without having to go through so much of pain. Believe me, it hurts a lot. And when I am suffering, I cannot be creative. When I cannot be creative, I cannot write.

I am doing all I can to nurse this right leg issue of mine. I can’t wait to start writing MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY. It’s been awhile since I structured the whole thing. And I don’t usually stay this long without starting to write. I am hoping that I get well soon in couple of days time.

Speaking of illnesses, it’s just not me who is unwell. Even editing of SAZAA has hit with an ailment of its own.  Semi started editing SAZAA by dividing it in to seven separate projects, with each project having X number of scenes so that it would be easier to start other post production works such as color grading as soon as editing of each project is completed without having to wait for the whole film to be edited in one whole project. At the time I published my last post, Semi was editing the fifth project. As he was nearing completion of this project, tragedy struck. The project failed to load the next day. He and director Munavvar with help from Ted, the technical consultant of this film have tried every possible way to restore this damaged project. But to no avail, they weren’t successful. Eighteen long minutes of editing, gone.

Director Munnavar has asked Semi to keep that project and resume with the remaining two projects. And to re-edit the damaged project later. Semi has begun work on the sixth. Semi, actor Ismail Rasheed , director Munavvar and myself had a preview of the edited parts of this new project. It really looks good. For a newcomer, the direction is promising, acting is topnotch especially by Ismail Rasheed and editing by Semi is making all the difference. He’s making everyone involve look good, including my screenplay. Hats off to him!

If nothing goes awry with the computer system, hopefully for coming weekend, Semi will have the remaining projects edited. I can’t wait to see the whole rough cut.

Looks like I’ve got to type off with this post. The pain on my right leg is getting worse. Ouch!

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