Here’s a complete list of screenplays including TV dramas, TV serials and short films I have written so far. The list has been arranged in descending order of the year written.

Year Title Category Remarks Status
2010 Indhiraas (Decadence) Feature   Pre-production
2010 Sazaa (Punishment) Feature   Post-production
2010 Mamma (Mother) Feature Co-writer Pre-production
2009 Leykarunain (Tears in Blood) Feature   Pre-production
2009 Ingili (Finger) Feature   Post-production
2009 Vafaatheri Kehiveriyaa (Faithful Trickster) Feature   Shelved
2008 Hiyani (Reflections) Short Film   Released
2008 Raaniya Feature   Shelved
2008 00:00 (Zero Hundred Hours) Feature   Shelved
2008 Road Feature   Shelved
2008 Genie Feature   Shelved
2007 Kevveveynama (If You Can Cope) TV serial 12 episodes Shelved
2007 Aharenge Lha Daddy (My Youthful Daddy) TV serial 05 episodes Aired
2007 Vakivumuge Kurin (Before Parting) Feature   Shelved
2007 Nulibunas… (Though Not Attained) TV serial 13 episodes Post-production
2007 Aharen (Me) Feature Co-writer Released
2006 Thiya Loabeega (In Your Love) TV serial 13 episodes Aired
2006 Nethi Dhiayas… (Though Perished) TV serial 05 episodes Aired
2006 Rocky 2 Short Film   Shelved
2006 Rocky Short Film   Released
2006 Vaaloabi Engeynama… (If You Knew How Much I Love You) Feature   Released
2006 CIB 2: Vathan Short Film   Shelved
2006 Hinithunvelaashey Kalaa (Smile, you) TV serial 52 episodes Aired
2005 Kuramey Vadhaa’ee Salaam (I Say Goodbye) TV serial 13 episodes Aired
2005 Hureemey Inthizaarugai (Waiting For You) Feature   Released
2004 Loabivaana… (If You Love Me) TV serial 13 episodes Aired
2002 3-Nov Tele-drama   Aired
2001 Fangi (Thatch) Tele-drama   Aired
2000 Vaarey (Rain) Tele-drama   Aired
2000 Kashi Thammathi (Thorny Bed) Tele-drama   Aired
2000 Abadhah… (Always) Tele-drama   Aired
2000 Hama Himeyn (Complete Silence) Feature   Released
1999 Thauba (Absolution) Tele-drama   Aired
1998 Kekulhun (Suffering) Tele-drama Not credited Aired
1997 Amaanaaiy (Custody) Feature Co-writer Released

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