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I have not gone back to a state of long absence, not after I had returned from a mighty long absence. It’s been more than two weeks since my last post, I know. But this being the fasting season, it’s just that I find no energy to type anything at all or do anything else for that matter. If I had tried, that would be an exercise in futility. So why bother. I have come to realize that I am not creative when I have no energy. Who does anyway? But I am not going to break fast for the sake of calling myself a regular blogger. I want all the brownie points I can get from this season. However, if I could post in my sleep, then I would have posted every day. Oh yes, sleeping is what I do most, currently.

There’s no time for blogging or writing screenplays after breaking fast. Besides, my brain never complies afterwards. Therefore, not to stress myself or my thinking cap, I have deliberately stopped writing until fasting season is over. Which means, MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY (COME MY BABY’S FATHER) is still on hold. No progress on that. And Ravi who is attached to direct the film, has indicated that shooting might have to be delayed until October. He is planning on shooting the whole film in HD. And around early October is when he is going to get the equipment he needs. Now that’s something very exciting and worth waiting for.

An hour after breaking fast, most nights, I usually have coffee at Eternal Pictures studios back lot with the coffee gang. It’s fun with SAZAA (PUNISHMENT) director, Munavvar stealing the show with his stand-up like comedy stints. Eternal Pictures honcho, Ted even made a suggestion to make a funny talk show from our coffee gathering. But the best suggestion was made by SAZAA editor, Semi. He said to place a mic near me so that I would provide the background laughs the show needs. Everyone agreed.

Speaking of SAZAA, editing will be completed today. SEMI is now on the last project which oddly happened to be the first out of seven projects Semi has divided for making editing easier including other post-production tasks. Semi has scheduled a preview of the first cut of the film for tomorrow. From the already edited six projects, I was worried on how the climax would come up which was in the seventh project. But my worries are over now. Semi has worked wonders with the climax and it does pack a wallop. I wish I could reveal more on the climax but I don’t want to spoil anything and I am contractually obliged to keep the story under wraps.

Once again kudos to Semi for his creative and crisp editing to bring the best out of everyone involved in this film. And I am hoping this would be the first film where the entire cast, mostly the leads have less dialogue to deliver than the previous films they have appeared in. The way Semi has edited, the silences does have a deep impact.

The production team of SAZAA has worked on the film’s teaser trailer which was uploaded on the film’s facebook page last night. The reception to this trailer is so far positive. The production team will compile an official trailer based on the comments given by the fans. One might wonder, why am I involved in SAZAA’s trailer and editing and so on. Well I am part of the production team.


Since August 5th I was feeling under the weather. I was stricken with a really bad flu including fever that was in a funny way, unpredictable. It was on and off. Fortunately, I am feeling okay, just in time to kick start the fasting season today. Ramadan greetings to everyone!

Before I was bedridden, I was hoping to finish writing MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY (COME MY BABY’S FATHER). Sadly, I couldn’t type a single word. Now I have rescheduled to start writing coming weekend. I am pretty excited about it.

Here are some more pre-production updates on MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY. Yesterday evening, Ravi and I hooked up for a coffee at Trends to discuss on casting availabilities. Ravi is in talks with a promising actress to play the one and only female character in the entire film. Hopefully she will give an answer before the end of next week. As for the leading male part, a rookie actor has already agreed to play the role.

The original screenwriter of the film, Ahmed has also confirmed a team of less than six members for the production crew when principal photography begins in L. Gan.

Editing of SAZAA (PUNISHMENT) resumed two days ago after being halted for two to three days due to unexpected chores to be completed at the studio immediately. Yesterday afternoon, I watched the new parts SEMI has edited. I must say that the film is looking good and it’s shaping up with great performances from Niuma, Copee Issey, Azoo and Fathimath Haleem. Semi is determined to complete editing before the end of next week. Kudos to him for his crisp editing.

And for his directorial debut, Munavvaru has done an impressive job at maintaining a good pace with storytelling. However, there are few instances where he could have done better but the principal actors help hide any weaknesses. I must once again note that Niuma has done a remarkable job in the leading role with less dialogue to deliver.

Last night, director Munavvar has taken the edited parts to Eternal Studio for color grading to be done by Ted, the film making legend. Munavvaru reports from Eternal Studio that the already tested parts for color grading look breathtaking. Stay tuned for more news on SAZAA.

I end this post for now.


Here’s a complete list of screenplays including TV dramas, TV serials and short films I have written so far. The list has been arranged in descending order of the year written.

Year Title Category Remarks Status
2010 Indhiraas (Decadence) Feature   Pre-production
2010 Sazaa (Punishment) Feature   Post-production
2010 Mamma (Mother) Feature Co-writer Pre-production
2009 Leykarunain (Tears in Blood) Feature   Pre-production
2009 Ingili (Finger) Feature   Post-production
2009 Vafaatheri Kehiveriyaa (Faithful Trickster) Feature   Shelved
2008 Hiyani (Reflections) Short Film   Released
2008 Raaniya Feature   Shelved
2008 00:00 (Zero Hundred Hours) Feature   Shelved
2008 Road Feature   Shelved
2008 Genie Feature   Shelved
2007 Kevveveynama (If You Can Cope) TV serial 12 episodes Shelved
2007 Aharenge Lha Daddy (My Youthful Daddy) TV serial 05 episodes Aired
2007 Vakivumuge Kurin (Before Parting) Feature   Shelved
2007 Nulibunas… (Though Not Attained) TV serial 13 episodes Post-production
2007 Aharen (Me) Feature Co-writer Released
2006 Thiya Loabeega (In Your Love) TV serial 13 episodes Aired
2006 Nethi Dhiayas… (Though Perished) TV serial 05 episodes Aired
2006 Rocky 2 Short Film   Shelved
2006 Rocky Short Film   Released
2006 Vaaloabi Engeynama… (If You Knew How Much I Love You) Feature   Released
2006 CIB 2: Vathan Short Film   Shelved
2006 Hinithunvelaashey Kalaa (Smile, you) TV serial 52 episodes Aired
2005 Kuramey Vadhaa’ee Salaam (I Say Goodbye) TV serial 13 episodes Aired
2005 Hureemey Inthizaarugai (Waiting For You) Feature   Released
2004 Loabivaana… (If You Love Me) TV serial 13 episodes Aired
2002 3-Nov Tele-drama   Aired
2001 Fangi (Thatch) Tele-drama   Aired
2000 Vaarey (Rain) Tele-drama   Aired
2000 Kashi Thammathi (Thorny Bed) Tele-drama   Aired
2000 Abadhah… (Always) Tele-drama   Aired
2000 Hama Himeyn (Complete Silence) Feature   Released
1999 Thauba (Absolution) Tele-drama   Aired
1998 Kekulhun (Suffering) Tele-drama Not credited Aired
1997 Amaanaaiy (Custody) Feature Co-writer Released


The time I spend on writing a screenplay is meticulous and immeasurable. First there’s the structuring process where most of my brain cells are used to the limit. It could turn out to be a long and exhausting process stretching from days to months. But this is the process where the look of my screenplays is shaped and re-shaped repeatedly.

Once structuring is over, writing starts next. And for me, this process is the easiest. All I have to do is go through my structure and then type out everything I have noted, in to scenes. I have found this method very safe and effective since during writing I find myself immune from a writer’s block. The latter has the chance to terrorize my head only at the structuring process. And if I make it through that process without a writer’s block, then it’s definite that I won’t get any thereafter.

During the writing process, my mind splits in to a writer mode and a director mode. While I write, in my head I am able to visualize each and every scene just like a director does, since I have been a director myself once. I am always in full control playing, rewinding, fast forwarding or if need be, watch each scene in slow motion as I write them. And every time, my visualizations come with 5.1 surround sound.

Also while I write, creativity is at its fullest. Mostly, the structure and the notes from the structuring process gets changed and re-changed easily while they are written in to full-fledged scenes.

During the past ten years or more, I have written screenplays for feature films, short films, long and short TV serials and television dramas.

All the television dramas I have written were made in to, well, television dramas. And all of them were aired on TVM. Out of these, most were written for Ministry of Atolls Administration, the office I worked at that time to be submitted in the Office TV Drama Competition conducted by TVM several years ago. Under my guidance, Atolls participated for five consecutive years.

From the long and short TV serials, all were produced and had successful runs and re-runs. Only a 13 episode serials called NULIBUNAS… (THOUGH NOT ATTAINED), given away without any pay off for Movie People was put on hold after principal photography. The studio failed to lure a TV channel to buy the series. Future of NULIBUNAS… still remains uncertain. At the time of writing this post, its producer is thinking alternate ways to cover the investment, like releasing each episode on DVD.

KEVVEVEYNAMA… (IF YOU CAN COPE), a 12 episode serial I wrote for VTV to this date remains a series where I haven’t a clue of its whereabouts. Not even sure if it’s shelved or lost. For the sake of keeping up with the title of this post, consider it shelved.

Out of the three short film screenplays, only one got produced. It was released on DVD as a comedy and was flopped. Here’s one of those rare situations where a flop is considered a huge satisfaction than the screenplay of the said flop being shelved forever.

It was with feature length screenplays where things have turned out all too sour. Most of the screenplays I have written were shelved by its producers. Since I was paid only to write, I find myself helpless to react to their decisions. But on the brighter side, except for two screenplays, rest was paid. Then again, to find them lying on the producer’s shelf forever, is more frustrating.

Here’s a brief look at all the screenplays I have written so far which were shelved for some reasons I know and some I don’t.


This screenplay, which does have a title but concealed for reasons classified, I co-wrote with my writing partner Zareer more than 10 years ago. To this date, this screenplay hasn’t aged a bit. As years have passed, this screenplay still remains potent and delivers a strong message that has become more appropriate to our society today.

Roughly five years ago, this screenplay was proposed to a now-dissolved studio upon a request of its owner. Baaru Sharee was agreed to direct. Sharee and I even negotiated with high profile actor, Youppe and his wife, Fareela for the lead. However, months later, our screenplay was rejected and since then it’s been lying on the shelf, waiting quietly to be acquired by a positive producer.


This is an indirect sequel to Seezan directed short film CIB: 24. It’s about an elite group of police force working for a secret government organization. I wrote the sequel with several twists and turns including a high-octane car chase and few other intense set pieces. The reason this sequel was shelved was straightforward. Seezan felt that it was too high tech and technical and demanded a budget too huge for a short film.


Director Fatthaah hired me to write this screenplay as a fantasy short film for children. But when the studio he was working at that time was dissolved, the screenplay was shelved until he joined Dash Studio, where he is presently working at. He hired me once again to rewrite it into a feature length film with new and more enhanced characters including visually stunning set pieces. Once the rewrite was completed, Fatthaah had talks with Baaru Sharee asking him to direct the visually demanding scenes. Sharee even agreed to the deal. However, due to a long delay in finding child actors for principal roles, the screenplay was once again shelved.


Suja who’s presently a producer at VTV asked me to write this screenplay based on a short story he wrote. It was first titled MARUVUMEGEKURIN (BEFORE DYING). After some financial hassles in settling my payment, Movie Maldives owner Shakeeb eventually paid for the screenplay after buying the story rights from Suja. Shakeeb then re-titled it to VAKIVUMUGEKURIN (BEFORE PARTING) and sent it straight to his shelf.

Every now and then, talks on producing it erupt like a volcano. But every time, instead of lava shooting straight up, everything just dies away. But on July 30, 2010, at a meeting I had with Youppe, Shakeeb joined us. Once again I mentioned this screenplay to the interest of them both. I am not told how the negotiation went after I had left the meeting.


I first started developing this under the name MENDHAN (MIDNIGHT) as a television drama for Atolls but declined from producing due to the subject matter being too dark. That was more than 10 years ago. Then on 2008, I started work on writing it into a feature length screenplay. Luckily I had all my old notes for reference. After a discussion with Baaru Sharee, who was first attached to direct it, the title was changed to 00:00 (ZERO HUNDRED HOURS). Unfortunately, Sharee joined DhiTV during that time and got himself busy. Eventually, he had to leave the project. Then director Ravi stepped in, he negotiated with DV Productions to acquire it as a directing vehicle for him.

Things went smoothly at first. 00:00 was made official but DV Productions gave more attention to their more bankable projects. Unfortunately pre-production of 00:00 stopped and found its way to, yes the shelf. But a month ago, I heard from Ravi who has joined DV Productions recently that 00:00 is slated to start production at the end of this year. Now that’s something positive.


Pre-production of this supernatural-horror-thriller which I wrote for producer Thitthi for his Antharees Productions started off promisingly. Its chosen director, Ravi and CGI Supervisor, Ishee even started on testing visual effect needed for the film. However, yet again this screenplay faced the same fate of lying on a shelf rather than in the hands of its director.

Thitthi who is currently in Perth said once he returns next year, he’d resume pre-production. Now let’s wait and see what lies ahead on the road for ROAD.


This screenplay, where the title refers to the protagonist, too had its pre-production started. It was originally a project Dash Studio started years ago. This project was helmed by editor/ director, Semi but was halted indefinitely after 90% of production was completed. Years later, the studio owner wanted a reboot. The task fell in to the hands of Fatthaah, who at the time had joined the studio. He assigned me for the rewrite immediately. I completed a total revamp of the screenplay and made it more adult oriented from the teenage setting of the original screenplay. It was written by my favorite writer, Aishath Neena. I wrote VAA LOABI ENGEYNAMA… (IF YOU KNEW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU) based on her story.

After the facelift, at the very early stages of pre-production, RAANIYA came to a halt when the songs needed for this film started getting delayed. Fatthaah didn’t want to start principal photography without them. He now reports to begin production next year.


Another screenplay I wrote for Fatthaah which kept changing production date constantly due to the long delays in composing the songs for the film. Hopefully in mid October this year, principal photography of this film is set to start. Those are exact words of Fatthaah, not mine.


I think now I have the right to say that I was tricked in to writing this screenplay. After scouting for locations in Nuwara Eliya by its director, this screenplay found its rightful place, the shelf. And I was left without being paid for my work.


This is the second screenplay I have written for which I haven’t been paid so far, even if it was a draft. Even at that stage, the screenplay includes the whole outline of the film itself. Now I am hearing that this is going behind cameras soon. Well at least this screenplay has been saved from the shelf curse. But I just wonder how much of my draft the producer has borrowed for completing their version of the final screenplay.


It’s been less than two months since I have handed over this screenplay to DV PRODUCTIONS. So this screenplay couldn’t be considered officially shelved. Not just yet. Pre-production is set to start in October. I am just hoping that this screenplay doesn’t slip in to its own decadence…


This evening, I was so looking forward to see the new scenes of SAZAA (PUNISHMENT) that Semi has edited. But when I called him, he gave me very depressing news. The computer system that SAZAA is being edited crashed. However, he managed to restore the system temporarily and at the time I called, he was making a backup of what he has edited so far. I just hope nothing goes wrong.

When Semi first started editing and before he could cut or splice a scene, the system crashed. After a week of sending the system to several tech guys, it was fixed. However, a week later since Semi started editing, tonight the system crashed again.

Despite the setback, Semi is still upbeat as he’s able to backup everything he has edited. But this could hinder his speed a little bit. He was so committed.

Finally, Ravi called the owner of the house screenwriter Ahmed Rasheed suggested to use for MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY (COME MY BABY’S FATHER). Ravi said the discussion with him went well. The owner is ready to rent us the house immediately. But we cannot start production just yet since Ramadan is around the corner. So Ravi said that he will call back after Ramadan. We are scheduling to start production a week after Ramadan is over.


Night before last, I woke up from my sleep at around 0230 in the morning with a heavy head as if my whole skull’s been filled with water or something like that. What happened was, in my sleep I restructured MIKOE BAPPA AADHEY AADHEY (COME MY BABY’S FATHER), the short screenplay my producing partners and I acquired last week from Ahmed Rasheed, the rookie screenwriter from L. Fonadhoo. This is a weird habitual nocturnal occurrence of mine whenever my thoughts are deeply in to writing something interesting. Not that any other screenplays I have written so far without this occurrence were less interesting. In fact, it has happened for all of my screenplays, but with different degree of heaviness.

Anyway, I hurried downstairs, pulled out the hard copy of the screenplay and started scribbling all those ideas that were developed in my sleep. All I did was stretched the original screenplay, added suspenseful events and enhanced the principal character with reference to the character’s history.

Yesterday, at Underground I met with Ravi, who will once again fill the director’s shoes. I briefed him on my take of the rewrite. Simply, he liked it very much. However, what he didn’t like was the fried chicken and fries dish he ordered. It took us a while to figure out if the chicken in that dish was actually a piece of fried chicken. It looked more like a banana fritter with fries.

To add more on this project, Ahmed Rasheed suggested at setting the production in L. Gan where he thinks a remote house there is the perfect location. He then mailed me several pictures of this house. Ravi and I think this house is really the perfect location. We have asked Ahmed if he can help us complete production there. He said it could be done. We’ll start final talks with him once I complete the screenplay adaptation. Stay tuned.

This evening, I dropped in to KIDS PRODUCTION studio to see the editing of SAZAA (PUNISHMENT) Semi has done so far. All I can say is that my smile will put the Cheshire cat to shame. Semi has done a remarkable job. He has edited the first hour of the film. The principal actors have given superb performances especially the leading lady, Niuma. Her moments of silence were topnotch. I have a feeling this is going to be her first leading role with less dialogue. Looppe in his first major role gives a praiseworthy performance keeping up with Niuma. The introduction scene of Ismail Rasheed aka Copee Issey is a real hoot. He’s simply terrific. For my viewing pleasure, Semi added natural sound to the most bittersweet scene of the film. It was so awesome. Can’t wait to see him complete the editing.

Later this evening, Semi and I went to Olympus Cafe for a coffee. There I met Youppe, one of the most prolific actor/ director of Dhivehi film industry today. I must say that it was a very fruitful meeting. And he made a tantalizing proposition. If I write him a screenplay, he would produce and direct it and would give me a profit percentage from the theatrical and DVD sales for a year. I am going to warm up on it.

Later, Movie Maldives owner, Shakeeb joined us. It was him who bought the screenplay MARUVUMEGEKURIN (BEFORE DYING) which I wrote for Suja who once worked as a producer at TVM. After buying that screenplay, Shakeeb re-titled it to VAKIVUMUGEKURIN (BEFORE PARTING). To refresh on this screenplay, it’s about two strangers who meet, unbeknownst to each other has something in common.

I tried to convince Shakeeb that he should produce that screenplay with Youppe at once, rather than keep it shelved forever. It’s been more than three years since I wrote it. Youppe said he is more than happy to begin production. Before I returned home, I did manage to strike a dialogue between Shakeeb and Youppe over it. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

In a nutshell, the whole of today was cool…


It’s been a while I haven’t posted anything. Why? I was lost in translation. However, here’s a quick recap on what happened since my last post.

A day after my last post, FATTHAAH commissioned me to subtitle his national award winning film, VAALOABI ENGEYNAMA. This task contributed to my absence heavily. It was good to watch this film after a very long time. However, this time around I had major outbursts of anger!

FATTHAAH gave me the official DVD of the film which was sold out a year ago. To my horror, the DVD version was manipulated brutally. Moreover, I was angrier and frustrated that FATTHAAH, the producer was unaware of it. Only when I reported, he came to know. I wonder if he’s been living on this planet.

So how was the DVD manipulated? This is how? Commercials of around three or more minutes long which were supposed to be inserted in to the running time of the film, the person who authored the DVD ignorantly instead of inserting, had the commercials replaced over the scenes of the film. This I consider is a big crime. If I were the producer, I would sue whoever this person is. Now the DVD version of the film has several scenes missing including very key scenes. VAALOABI ENGEYNAMA on DVD looks disjointed and ridiculous. It’s a shame!

During my absence from this blog, pre-production on INGILI progressed swiftly. The set construction is completed. The picture below is taken from a cell phone.

The production team is preparing to leave to K. GULHI for principal photography on 16th May. That’s coming Saturday. Cast of INGILI has started rehearsals and in the meantime, one of the actors is practicing the special skills required for the character he is playing. And the actor who was initially serving as a producer has given up his duties as a producer due to, let’s say for personal reasons. Nevertheless, INGILI still has three producers attached. Our DP was interested to be the third producing partner and became one instantly.

Director RAVI has confirmed the famous rock band performing the rock song for the end credits of INGILI. He has given the band leader a brief synopsis of the film so that work on the lyrics can begin. The production team will be promoting this song for the marketing of the film. The band and the cast will be revealed later.

The three amigos, I mean the producers have confirmed the final production budget two days ago. Production manager will be handling all the finances and will be requesting the producers to release the budget.

The production team has also started work on poster designs of INGILI. We had a sitting a day ago and came up with several concepts. More on it later…

And finally SEEZAN returned from NUWARAELIYA after location scouting for VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA. He has even approved the final screenplay. Phew! He’s really excited and is planning to start principal photography around end of this month.

That’s all for now, and oh one more thing. I also did subtitling of TED’s two short films titled MIRAGE and CROSSROAD. That’s all for now, folks!

latest on INGILI…

This evening producers of INGILI decided first week of May to begin principal photography of INGILI. Earlier it was planned for last week of this month. However, due to director RAVI being chosen to oversee the election of DHIVEHI FILMS ASSOCIATION to be held on 4th of May, the production of INGILI was postponed for a noble cause. Presently, Dhivehi film industry is really in need of an association.

The meeting this evening was very productive. RAVI, MUA and I not only worked on the rough budget of INGILI, but also post production details including the marketing plan. Production DP and our actor who is supervising the set construction in K. GULHI also participated.

Since I am not allowed to reveal the discussion we had this evening, its better that I end this post immediately. Otherwise, I might end up revealing everything. All I can say for now is that the status of INGILI is going GOOD.

delays and more delays…

Yesterday evening SEEZAN confirmed that he delayed the production of VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA, indefinitely. Then last night, the location scouting trip the production team of INGILI set for K.GULHI on Friday had to be, not only delayed but cancelled. That means K.GULHI is no longer in our scouting list. We came to know that K.GULHI has no location whatsoever that would accommodate the visuals of director RAVI.

The set needs to be built on a location that has thick foliage all around and should give a menacing feel immediately. Sadly, K.GULHI has no location of such.

The production team started working on a backup plan immediately. Luckily we were able to hold talks with K.HIMMAFUSHI. The production team is yet to receive an answer from them. Consider this plan D.

We know we are slipping further and further away from the schedule, but we are not worried since we still have 22 more letters from the English alphabet. However, our panic button would set off if we run up to plan X.

If plan D bombs, we have plan E and F on standby. More news on these two plans, if plan D fails for real, that is.

As for the status on storyboarding, RAVI and his DP are working on it feverishly.


VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA (FAITHFUL TRICKSTER) was handed over to SEEZAN yesterday at the same place where he first assigned me to write it. More than a year ago, he and his then producer, HASSAN sat with me at the terrace restaurant of CENTRAL HOTEL that gave us a view overlooking Male’ in 360 degrees. It was an evening. The sun was beginning to set.

Fast forward to yesterday, the same place, the same time, however without HASSAN, I sat with SEEZAN to submit the draft screenplay of VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA. It was a memorable moment in that sense, I guess. SEEZAN was ecstatic. He assured that he’d read the screenplay last night. So I am hoping that he’d call me with his feedback sometime today.

If he has any feedbacks or amendments, I have timelined to rewrite within two days, but only if his comments are justifiable. But if I find his changes spoiling all the fun, then I am going to refute with him until he proves me wrong.

Yesterday, SEEZAN also showed me a teaser poster concept of VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA which he will run as a slide during the commercial break of his upcoming movie, KARUNAVEE BEYVAFAA (TEARS TURNED UNFAITHFUL or something like that) which opens on April 7th. I think he comes up with strange titles that speak of being faithful or unfaithful. That’s no problem as long as he stay faithful to the noir feel I have created in VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA.

SEEZAN is scheduling to officially launch VAFAATHERI KEHIVERIYAA around 25th of April where he will unveil all casting details as well. He promised a surprise on that day. Can’t wait to hear what it is. After official launching, he and his producers are scheduled to fly to Nuwaraeliya for location scouting. Well, that’ all for now and will return with updates as they come…