Have I gone missing in action? Yes, I was to this blog since my last post and until this post. However, during the time elapsed during those two posts, I was in the thick of action. I just never had the time and energy to post anything at all after I was done writing for the day. Each day I did try to post a line or two but my mind wouldn’t allow me to and would ask my body, ‘What! More writing? Give me a break!’
I was also on and off under the weather from time to time before I could resume writing after ROAD. Took me a while before I got my writing groove back.
To start off, I have good and bad news. But I will give away the bad first. My pet screenplay ROAD was shelved few weeks after handing over. I have no idea why that happened but I just hope that it gets produced soon. ROAD marks the beginning of my foray in to murder, mayhem and blood. Made me a reall killer on the loose.
The good news is that, 00:00 after several negotiations, producers, cancelled pre-productions and two rewrites was finally grabbed by DV Productions. 00:00 is currently in pre-production. It was officially launched on August 13, 2008 with the unveiling of it’s teaser poster. Key crew members have signed for the project. RAVI is set to direct with THITTHI composing music. ISHEE will serve as visual effects supervisor cum art director. DHABA is in talks to lense 00:00 and hopefully he will.
As for the cast, COPEE ISSEY and MUA have verbally agreed. And there’s more to join. Actors like KOYYA HASSAN, NIMAL, SHEELA, MANIK and FAUZIYYA to name a few are expected to sign.
00:00 unfolds in a sleepy island about a murder commited at the titular time. The movie then starts 21 hours earlier and shows who might be involved in the murder. The screenplay is not about the murder but who and what led to the murder. Its a suspense, mystery, thriller.
The tagline for 00:00 is ‘something… WILL happen.’
The link below is 00:00 on facebook.
Principal photography of 00:00 begins on October 10, 2008 and is scheduled to hit theaters on the first quarter of 2009. The official date will be announced, ofcourse!
What have I been doing lately? I have started writing the final 9 episodes of popular TVM series HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA. More on this in a new post.

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