I have been writing  the remaining 9 episodes of popular 52 episodes TVM series, HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA since June. Currently I am writing  episode 51. Hopefully I can wrap up the whole series next week.
HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA premiered two years back. It was running regularly every week until episode 35 (I think) when one of the actors to be intorduced in episode 36 was tangled in a bounced check crime and was arrested. It was a TVM rule to ban, for a certain period depending on the crime any material of an actor commiting a crime. Due to this, HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA was halted indefinitely and then re-ran earlier this year. All 40 episodes were shot and completed in HA. KELAI, home of it’s director ABDUL FATTHAAH.
HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA had a huge following and became one of the most popular series of the country. It’s theme song HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA is now considered a classic hit. It’s also the first series ever to adapt it’s first 40 episodes in one island without showing a single shot of another island. However. episodes 39 and 40 shows two other historical islands of HA Atoll. It’s also the first series with its first 40 episodes showing minimal phone calls. The first 40 episodes record only 2 phone call scenes. This series also gave its cast star status. Public have acclaimed the performances of it’s entire cast, most notably the flawless acting from its two co-stars AFEE and HAJJA.
FATHAAH started shooting of the remaining 12 episodes last month. As TVM has already shown episode 41, FATTAAH is on a tight schedule. I have already given him up to episode 50 and he has almost completed shooting up to episode 47.
Events turn around from episode 40 and the story moves to Male’ where ASLAM faces new differences and challenges with his fiance, LEEZA. Those differences and challenges will test their love and engagement. Will they survive? Some new characters are also introduced. ALI WAHEED who turned in great performances for 5 dramas which I directed for Atolls Ministry including a best actor win in OFFICE TELEDRAMA COMEPTITION, makes his debut in HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA.  He plays a lawyer who or who may not win the custodial battle of SHIZAAN for INAA. FAZU develops an unintentional jealousy towards INA which will be revealed in the remaining episodes. Can FAZU and INA remain childhood friends forever? Doubts over who sent ALI WAHEED who plays ZAMEEL to fight the lawsuit for INA rises new heights. Who is the mysterious character who appears in episode 41 who seems to know parents of ASLAM and especially his home, HA. Kelai? Does he have an agenda? Will SAMAD marry FAZU who is  same age his daughter LEEZA?
As I am 2 episodes away from completing the whole series, I am finding so much to write. Sometimes I wonder if I can cram everything in to these remaining 2 episodes. Lets just hope I can keep the characters arcs and the story flow intact. Sometimes, I feel sad to end this series. This series have been a great writing experience for me. One that I will cherish forever… 52 episodes is like more than 600 scenes and 1196 minutes. Thats 13 standard feature films. Oh my, I whispers myself.

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