MENDHAN retitled…

My current project, MENDHAN has been retitled. The decision was made on a trip to Villingili yesterday with visionary director BAARU SHAREE
We went there for some location scouting for my next writing project which will be helmed by SHAREE himself. More on this later. For now it’s under the wraps. But I can reveal this much, the screenplay has been already structured. Which means, I just need to do two weeks of typing. And also this screenplay’s co-written by my writing partner ZAREE who is currently studying in Malaysia and will bring few more changes to the structure before the writing starts. We did the structuring over the MSN. Thanks Mr. Bill Gates. 
After the location scouting in Villingili, SHAREE and I sat down at SYMPHONIC GARDEN wiith the thought of having coffee. But we ended up having anything but coffee. He had a fresh coconut while I had a fruit punch.
Beside the topics we discussed there, I mentioned about MENDHAN. I gave him a brief summary of it. He really liked the concept. It was he who proposed on changing the title. First we decided on 12. But then I thought it had a resemblence on our next project. Yes, that has a numeric title. Then we came up with SUNGADI (zero hours) but then thought, it didn’t reflect the concept at all. Then SHAREE mentioned 00:00 as the retitle. We thought it was cool and in the plot all 6 characters decide on murdering  at 00:00 hours midnight.
So MENDHAN is retitled as 00:00. It maybe numeric but its sounds cool.

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