Last night, the rain was falling busily. It had been like that since morning. It rained cats and dogs, drizzled, subsided and then some. While rain splattered outside in unpredictable fashion, I was inside my living area beside my laptop feverishly typing the last few scenes of the last episode of HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA. Episode 52 warmed my heart and body despite the chilly ambience the rain had created and despite the fact that I was only wearing shorts.

FAZU decides to leave Male’ since she had given up any hope of winning her childhood love, ASLAM. The chances of INA winning SHIZAN slims every second. Events turn and emotions stir and rise when FAZU finally meets her father she never knew. What happens thereafter would spoil the storyline. Therefore, before I get more tempted to reveal the details, I end this post. However, I must add that my ever loving wife who is also my inspiration and my muse helped me remove some corny dialogues. She always urges me to make them original.

Around 2045 hours, I finished the final scene of episode 52 which is also the final scene of HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA. I celebrated the wrapping up with a wrapping up of my arms around my wife. She wrapped back. I was fully warmed up despite the cold night due to the chilly rain that was falling outside busily.


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