absence of me

where have i been? good question. answer, simple. busy. what have i been up to? another good question. answer, again simple. was and is busy writing. screenplays? yes.
apart from writing, i have been taking time out to help editor SEMI with the editing of HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA. ten episodes have been completed and submitted to TVM. five episodes have been shown, fifth only shown last night. SEMI is currently editing episode twelve. he has targetted a rough cut up to episode fifteen before FATTHAAH and crew flies to Gn. MULAKU on 29th of this month to shoot VAALOABI ENGEYNAMA… my screenplay written on a story by AISHATH NEENA.
looking back on what i have done lately, i have discontinued writing serial THIYA LOABIGAA. after i submitted episode 2 for comments, i didnt hear from my clients. however, i stopped writing after i have written up to episode 5. the deadline for them to shoot this project has long passed. guess am not the only one who is never heard from for a long time…

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