VAALOABI ENGEYNAMA a screenplay I have written to a story by AISHATH NEENA will go behind cameras on 29th of this month. The screenplay was changed to the picturesque location of Gn. Mulah from Male’. this will be the first feature-length project from FATTHAAH’s own company, RED PRODUCTIONS. Veteran director AHMED NIMAL, in collaboration with FATTHAAH is set to direct.
Casting has been finalised with superstar YOUPPE and his off-screen wife, FAREE playing star-crossed lovers. Promising actress, AFEE will play the hapless damsel in distress. Newcomer AYYA plays the doctor in love.
The story shifts between YOUPPE and AFEE who are forced to marry each other. their marriage of convenience turns… don’t expect me to tell the whole story. But here’s a trivia. The title was changed due to poetic reasons. And oh, one more thing. The character of AYYA is a combination of two characters from the story which has a doctor as well as a drug addict coming into AFEE’s life. This was done to keep the film at 2 hours, 30 minutes.

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