the 52 episode serial HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA from renowned director ABDUL FATTHAAH was premiered on July 26th. this serial will be shown on every WEDNESDAY night at 2300 hours and the repeat on FRIDAY night at 2330 hours.
most of the viewers enjoyed the first episode and felt the serial a breath of fresh air.  i recieved only few comments and that was over the scene between HAJJA and her dad at the fields. some felt the dialogues there a bit unreal. however others ejoyed the same scene. many professionals working in dhivehi film industry commended the effort FATTHAAH has put on this serial. also kudos went to the storyline and the dialogues. well in case y’all reading didn’t know, i wrote the teleplay. HO! HO! HO!
episode 2 was aired last night. everyone declared this episode being much superior than the first. episode 2 digs deeper in to FAZU’s character played by AFEE. she gives a wonderful performance as the lonely teacher who only seeks happiness from her childhood memories and her childhood friend INAA played with confidence by HAJJA. the scenes between them are very natural.
watch out for episode 3. the serial gets better with each episode…

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