episode 31 of HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA has a re-enactment

yes! am down to 1 more episode to finish off the story in Kelai. however, the final 20 episodes will take place in Male’. director fatthaah who has finished reading up to episode 27 says that he is more than satisfied. but he wants me not to fill scenes with too many extras. so don’t blame if the feel of some scenes turn too dull once the serial is aired on TVM at the end of JULY.
the final 2 scenes of episode 31 is a re-enactment of one of the most famous historical event of maldivian history. an event that really took place long time back between maldivian warrior mohamed thankurufaanu and his wife to be, faathuma. okay, stop! am going overboard portraying the entire scene. but i am in love with those two scenes. hope its translated to screen just the way i have visualized. i have faith in director fatthaah.
two new characters have been added to episode 30. these two characters will play a major part till the end of 52 episodes. sorry, i don’t feel like disclosing who they are.

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