episode 7 of KURAMEY VADHAA’EE SALAAM sound too corny

episode 7 of KURAMEY VADHAA’EE SALAAM was aired on TVM last night. the only remark was on the dialog used, again! this time the phone call scene between ZUHURA and JIMMY sound too corny especially the monologue of jimmy where he says that zuhura is his sun, moon, stars, 365 days, 12 months, 7 days, 24 hours and so on. my god! did i really write that? that’s a tad too much even for corny. guess i could have finished the whole episode with that scene where jimmy can compare zuhura to as many things he could think of, like she is the chip in his mobile phone or she is the motherboard of his computer… or whatever!

One Response to “episode 7 of KURAMEY VADHAA’EE SALAAM sound too corny”

  1. Aminath

    Hey writer..
    Once again its me your admirer..I would say that the drama is picking on well..its getting better and better. This time I would agree on the corny dialogue which I think should have been better if it was an sms!!! but crying and saying that over the phone in a critical momemt was too much to take in…couldn\’t sympathize at all with the guy but was more like thinking what the hell was this guy talking in numbers???…Now now…that doesn\’t mean that I didn\’t like the over all episode. Once again good job but don\’t forget to cut short the corny dialogues in the up comming drama which you\’ve been writing about…so looking forward to the next episode..Keep it ROLLING!!!!


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