32 completed

last night at 2020 hrs sharp i completed episode 32 on a sad note, not on my part i mean… story wise that is. as for me, am feeling free. but that will be for a short while before i start working on the final 20 episodes. that will happen once director abdul fatthaah returns from kelai hopefully after wrapping up shooting for all 32 episodes.
episode 32 ends when, sorry i couldn’t tell regardless of how much tempted i am to give all the details. as mentioned earlier 32 ends on a sad and depressing note. thats for sure!
fatthaah reported from on location that  a major two part dramatic scene was shot yesterday. he guaranteed that he squeezed the acting chops out of every actor involved in that scene and he is satisfied.

One Response to “32 completed”

  1. Aminath

    Congratulation!!!. go writer go!!!.I can only imagine how free you\’d feel not that I am a writer of any sort..but well I have my share of being busy and meeting deadlines and can fathom the feeling.
    Sometimes I wonder how a writer would feel, think??? wonder if you\’d be running the story in your head 24/7 till you complete it? how do you come up with writing the life of poeple you don\’t know? of someone you\’ve created? Killing few and gving life?? Must be feeling like God in your world eh???
    Anyways..mahdi, I have always admired your work, mostly your direction..I was wondering when I and the rest of your fans would be able to see something you\’ve directed???


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