As planned, this afternoon I met with Ahmed Zareer, my writing partner to discuss the suggestions he had after reading EMME MANZAREH (Just One Scene) rewrite. To begin with, he first thought the entire screenplay was going to be, like the title suggests, just one scene. But I explained to him the reason behind that title. It was called EMME MANZAREH because the narrative goes back to the same scene three times in three different angles which marks the beginning of the three respective acts in the screenplay. He nodded.

His one and only suggestion was on a pivotal scene where he thought that one of the central character was out of personality compared to how that character was built up from the start. After the meeting I went back to my laptop, read and re-read the scene and realized he was actually right. Without any hesitation I rewrote the scene removing some of the dialogues. Now the character in question has a smoother character arc. Awesome!

Then he suggested on the third angle of the murder scene to be changed. But I felt the third angle looked better the way it’s already written. Other than those, Zareer didn’t have more to say. Once again, the foreshadowing really worked just the way I intended as he never expected the shocking twist. He just loved it.

Well that’s all for now. And oh before I finish this post, I mentioned him about  an idea for the next gig I am thinking of writing, this time in collaboration with him. He was interested. More on that later.


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