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Tuesday night I had a sneak peek at the first edited 45 minutes of DHILAKANI (Fire Sparks). Yet again, it’s so frustrating for me to conceal the editor. Yes, he is yet to be unveiled. Who he is doesn’t matter at the moment. But what he’s doing behind concealment is nothing short of what every masked superhero does. This superhero is called THE EDITOR and he is a genius at the editing table. He can cut, insert, cut again and insert again any video clip at his reach and turn it in to a well paced movie. Once again, he has come up with a riveting 45 minutes of editing.

The entire cast has done an admirable job too. Thanks to sure handedness of director Hussain Munavvar. He does know how to handle the narrative. And his use of handheld camera for a very violent scene is raw and gritty, which at times is unbearable to watch, just like its impact on the leading actress who is witnessing the whole event unfolding right before her eyes. Though violent, the scene is staged very creatively using tight camera angles and of course the use of handheld camera.

The editor has estimated two weeks to wrap up editing. This is the first time he’s editing a movie where he wasn’t directly involved in the production. That’s what slowing down the editing when it comes to big scenes such as this violent scene I’m so interestingly boastful about.

In other news of DHILAKANI, director Munavvaru has scheduled 2 weeks to shoot the remaining 8 scenes including part of a song starting from 8th November.  But he’s keeping his fingers crossed for the weather to turn fine by then. Right now it’s unkind and unpredictable.

Before I finish off this post, it’s noteworthy to mention on the upcoming FATHISHANDHUIVARUGE FESHUN (The Beginning of Moonlit Dawn), the first local 3D film. In short it’s called F3D. At Dark Rain Entertainment Studio, the same night I watched DHILAKANI, I managed to watch a minute long footage of the film. Honestly, I couldn’t find my jaw. It dropped. I salute the work done by everyone at the studio including producer Mohamed Ali Mogre and cinematographer and director, Ali Shifau Chippe. But credit goes big time to Ahmed Shinan who is doing the meticulous 3D work and visual effects all by himself. It’s a remarkable experience the entire nation should and must witness, I mean everyone at the age group under which the film is classified. I take a bow to the team of F3D.


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