I have not gone back to a state of long absence, not after I had returned from a mighty long absence. It’s been more than two weeks since my last post, I know. But this being the fasting season, it’s just that I find no energy to type anything at all or do anything else for that matter. If I had tried, that would be an exercise in futility. So why bother. I have come to realize that I am not creative when I have no energy. Who does anyway? But I am not going to break fast for the sake of calling myself a regular blogger. I want all the brownie points I can get from this season. However, if I could post in my sleep, then I would have posted every day. Oh yes, sleeping is what I do most, currently.

There’s no time for blogging or writing screenplays after breaking fast. Besides, my brain never complies afterwards. Therefore, not to stress myself or my thinking cap, I have deliberately stopped writing until fasting season is over. Which means, MIKOE BAPPA BAEY BAEY (COME MY BABY’S FATHER) is still on hold. No progress on that. And Ravi who is attached to direct the film, has indicated that shooting might have to be delayed until October. He is planning on shooting the whole film in HD. And around early October is when he is going to get the equipment he needs. Now that’s something very exciting and worth waiting for.

An hour after breaking fast, most nights, I usually have coffee at Eternal Pictures studios back lot with the coffee gang. It’s fun with SAZAA (PUNISHMENT) director, Munavvar stealing the show with his stand-up like comedy stints. Eternal Pictures honcho, Ted even made a suggestion to make a funny talk show from our coffee gathering. But the best suggestion was made by SAZAA editor, Semi. He said to place a mic near me so that I would provide the background laughs the show needs. Everyone agreed.

Speaking of SAZAA, editing will be completed today. SEMI is now on the last project which oddly happened to be the first out of seven projects Semi has divided for making editing easier including other post-production tasks. Semi has scheduled a preview of the first cut of the film for tomorrow. From the already edited six projects, I was worried on how the climax would come up which was in the seventh project. But my worries are over now. Semi has worked wonders with the climax and it does pack a wallop. I wish I could reveal more on the climax but I don’t want to spoil anything and I am contractually obliged to keep the story under wraps.

Once again kudos to Semi for his creative and crisp editing to bring the best out of everyone involved in this film. And I am hoping this would be the first film where the entire cast, mostly the leads have less dialogue to deliver than the previous films they have appeared in. The way Semi has edited, the silences does have a deep impact.

The production team of SAZAA has worked on the film’s teaser trailer which was uploaded on the film’s facebook page last night. The reception to this trailer is so far positive. The production team will compile an official trailer based on the comments given by the fans. One might wonder, why am I involved in SAZAA’s trailer and editing and so on. Well I am part of the production team.

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