After carefully going through the already written eight episodes of VAUDHEKEY MIEE (THIS IS A PROMISE) which was written and being directed by Abdul Fatthaah, I have started writing the remaining five episodes. A little while ago, I just finished episode nine.

But I must confess that outlining the last five was not an easy task than I first thought it would be. Mostly when I outlined, I was forced to tie up several loose ends. And even in the last five episodes I had to redefine some of the key characters. Since the first four episodes were already shot, I didn’t have much choice to tweak the other written four episodes which goes behind the camera on 10th of this month. I wanted to do few adjustments here and there but realized that doing so would require rewriting all of them, meaning I won’t be able to complete them when the production resumes.

So I decided to leave them as it is and continue outlining the last five. I had to do a lot of research which again was done very little in the already written eight episodes. I hope to complete at least episode ten and eleven before Fatthaah leaves with his cast and crew to Eydhafushi of Baa Atoll. To do that I have only two days. And I have roughly a week to complete all five.

So without spending too much time, I cut short this post for now and turn my focus to write episode ten.


2 Responses to “THIS IS A PROMISE, I WRITE”

  1. amira

    I have never taken our film industry seriously. But reading through your post, I am starting realize how much hard work really goes into the making of any footage. The success of a movie or a series rely lies very much on the story and screenplay I guess.

    • mahdiahmed

      I’m glad you’re beginning to understand our local film industry. As for the hard work that goes into making even a minute long scene or mere few seconds even, you just couldn’t be more right, you know? And yes, a screenplay contributes heavily to the success of a movie since the entire movie depends on its foundation. If it’s weak, the movie falls flat. But all in all, it’s a team effort and all the departments of film making have to be good. Despite having limited knowledge in film making which was the case long time back but no excuse in this century as self educating in any subject to any level is possible via internet, I still salute the film makers in our local industry for breaking their bones and limbs to entertain an audience. And most of the time, they really do. Producing low grade movies every now and then happens not just in here, but a familiar occurrence all over the world. And funny how, those productions do have a faithful following. At the end of the day, every film maker is creative in his own right. Cheers!


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