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After carefully going through the already written eight episodes of VAUDHEKEY MIEE (THIS IS A PROMISE) which was written and being directed by Abdul Fatthaah, I have started writing the remaining five episodes. A little while ago, I just finished episode nine.

But I must confess that outlining the last five was not an easy task than I first thought it would be. Mostly when I outlined, I was forced to tie up several loose ends. And even in the last five episodes I had to redefine some of the key characters. Since the first four episodes were already shot, I didn’t have much choice to tweak the other written four episodes which goes behind the camera on 10th of this month. I wanted to do few adjustments here and there but realized that doing so would require rewriting all of them, meaning I won’t be able to complete them when the production resumes.

So I decided to leave them as it is and continue outlining the last five. I had to do a lot of research which again was done very little in the already written eight episodes. I hope to complete at least episode ten and eleven before Fatthaah leaves with his cast and crew to Eydhafushi of Baa Atoll. To do that I have only two days. And I have roughly a week to complete all five.

So without spending too much time, I cut short this post for now and turn my focus to write episode ten.



A day before the scheduled deadline, I have completed the rewrite of EMME MANZAREH (Just One Scene Manzareh) this evening. But that doesn’t mean it’s been wrapped up for good. Sometimes a rewrite gets rewritten several times. Screenplays are all about rewriting over and over again. The more it’s rewritten, the better and solid it gets. However, I will be clattering my keyboard, only if I get additional comments from Ahmed Nadeem, on whose short story the screenplay was based upon. I feel it’s my duty to remain faithful to his vision.

Soon after the completion, I emailed a copy to Nadeem, Dark Rain Entertainment (DRE) honcho, Mohamed Ali Moger and director Ravee Farooq. And there’s one more. I also emailed a copy to a niece of mine. She’s been a regular at commenting all of my indie screenplays. And she has this mysteriously remarkable way of looking in to minor details within my screenplays.

The changes I brought to the rewrite were many. First there was the inclusion of psychedelic visuals and extended some scenes to give a psychedelic mood. The major addition was the music like montage for the progression and eventual deterioration of the relationship between the three central characters which I first outlined yesterday. But today when I started writing that sequence, I felt something was missing. It didn’t bridge. Then I rewrote the compiled montage as full scenes and bingo, they looked more solid, supported the development of the characters and I was able to empathize more with them.

I even incorporated the three songs of Gianscore that Nadeem mailed me yesterday. Using them in the actual film will be up to the producer but the film will have psychedelic songs even if those songs were replaced in case a deal didn’t work out with the band.

That’s all about EMME MANZAREH. Shifting to other news, I met with DHILAKANI (Fire Sparks) editor, Ali Shifau Chippe last night at L’Aquila. He said he’d be completing the editing of the already shot scenes by today since he has to leave to India tomorrow to be with his father who has been hospitalized. My prayers are with his father.

I haven’t been able to watch any of the editing done since my last visit to the studio. Director Hussain Munavvaru is out of town, in Maafushi to shoot another installment to his beloved franchise, KUDAFOOLHU. He will return tomorrow morning including Ravee who I think directed the whole episode.

I’m also eagerly waiting for Ravee to return. He will then sit with composer Mohamed Ikram to finalize the score for INGILI (Finger). I had lunch with the Ikram this afternoon. He confirmed that he will only need just two days with Ravee. Guess that’s all I have for this post.