It’s only the first day of 2013 and I’m already finding myself occupied with work. Here are the updates.

I’m commissioned to complete the remaining five episodes of a thirteen episodes television serial called VAUDHEKEY MIEE (This is a Promise) which was started writing by director Abdul Fatthah for TVM. He is also directing it. He has already completed shooting the first four episodes and will sail out to the islands to shoot the other four. So before he completes the production, I need to write the rest which is also based on the same island.

Fatthah and I go long way back with television serials. The most serials I have written are for him especially HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA (Smile, You) of fifty two episodes which had a nationwide following and most of its episodes had an island setting.

He has given me a short deadline for the current task and I have the most difficult of hurdles to cross, reading the eight episodes he has written. Did I ever mention in any of my previous posts that I hate reading? Yes, I do, big time.

Then there’s a new producer whom I met last night through a good friend of mine. He asked me to write a full feature which is set to begin production around March. Fortunately, I  have a draft screenplay which I co-wrote with my writing partner, Ahmed Zareer for a production company who’s yet to pay us for our work. It’s been two years since then. However, this screenplay never saw the light of pre-production and was eventually shelved. Somewhere last year, I remember asking for their approval that I pitch it for a different producer. They did give me green light, verbally though. Anyway, I have mailed this draft to this new producer. I’m expected to have a feedback in a week’s time.

Then there’s another screenplay under a similar spell which has been shelved for three long years. But for this one, I have got the approval in writing, via the SMS I have exchanged with its producer. This screenplay is on standby to a high profile actor/ director/ producer who wants a screenplay real soon in case he doesn’t get the screenplay he asked from my writing partner Ahmed Zareer delivered before the short deadline.

Well, that’s all for now.


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