Finally, Liam McIntyre as Spartacus comes of age in episode seven of season two as he slices vertically the complete face of Sedullus, a powerful and a gigantic warrior from the Germanic clan who recently joined his ill-fated freedom fighters. The fight proved his riotous unsettled fighters mostly comprised of clans different and hostile of each other that Spartacus freed himself and the slaves from the house of Batiatus at the end of season one was for a greater good. And the short and strong monologue that followed recognized him as a true leader. It’s such a pivotal moment of the entire season.

‘Is this what you are? Animals, demanding slaughter? We give you freedom. And you repay it with blood and dishonor. If you cannot stand among us as trusted brother, if you cannot follow my orders, take leave now. Or join Sedullus in death.’

Well done Liam. Andy will be so proud.

Once Sedullus’ face is vertically sliced, the interior of his head get exposed and to see his brain slowly sliding out and falling is a moment of extreme gross. Who said having six packs means a stronger abdomen? I have done with one whole pack. Thank you, tummy! You shine brightly even though you have wrapped yourself around a thick layer of flabs.

Last night we, meaning my wife and I finished watching the eighth episode. We are left with only two episodes to conclude season two. Anyway, that episode also has another momentous scene for Spartacus when he goes to kill Ilithya which takes an unexpected turn. For reasons not to spoil the narrative, I have deliberately removed myself from revealing the twist. So I’m not going to linger too much on that scene. But it did reveal besides Liam’s well-toned muscles, some of his acting muscles too. Well done again, Liam. I fear that you’re beginning to make Andy jealous.

It seems that I can’t leave the subject of Spartacus without a notable mention of, yes, Lucretia. I must confess that she really elevates my viewing pleasure to, lets say, considerable heights. But she hasn’t a clue that she’s a far worse serpent than she really thinks she is. The way she manipulates everyone around is delightful. It’s so very obvious that she has an ulterior motive and moreover it’s also obvious that her motive is going to be shocking even though I’m well prepared for the shock. She’s good. She’s real good. And my prayers are with her even her actions are painted in evil. I love you, evil.


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