My wife and I are already sad that the second season of television series, Spartacus titled Spartacus Vengeance is drawing to what looks to be an epic conclusion. We’re left with only four more episodes to watch. But we seek consolation from knowing that the third season is just around the corner that kick starts next year around late January, that’s next month. And also next month starts my favourite reality show, American Idol season 12. Amongst the judging panel for the new season has Mariah Carey. I don’t think I can ever stop my eyes from getting glued… on the screen, I mean.

Just as I expected, with each episode of the second season of SPARTACUS, Liam McIntyre who now plays the title character is beginning to sink his teeth into his character as he slices, dices and cuts Romans into bits and pieces as he fights for the freedom of slaves and his vendetta to kill Glaber. And Liam also gets to make out with Mira, every time in slo-mo with warm lighting. In my opinion it’s Mira who is transforming Liam into a man to fill the shoes left by Andy Whitfield as Spartacus.

The fifth episode is an edge-of-your-seat thriller as Spartacus, and his fighters ravage the coliseum to free Crixus, Oenomaus and Rhaskos from execution. We were literally on the edge of our seat. At one point, I had to stop my wife from jumping into the screen to aide Spartacus.

Also, one thing I noticed from season two is that in almost every episode I have seen so far, Spartacus gives a repetitious speech to inspire his few in numbers ill-fated freedom fighters. If only there’s a little build-up to these speeches. But his speeches on slavery and freedom would give The Great Emancipator a smile.

The episodes I have watched so far continues to explore more on other characters and their plight that are becoming more interesting and important. Crixus’ character at times seems to take over the role of the protagonist as his cause to find Naevia moves the narrative forward in every direction and even after reuniting with her confronts unexpected hurdles as he keeps fighting them. Doesn’t that sound more like a protagonist?

And then there’s my Lucretia whose evil planning made the Romans and people of Capua believe that she is divine. Jupiter will be laughing. But to see her and Ashur part ways have made me worrisome. They were such a great evil pairing. But I have a feeling Lucretia will have more surprises for Ashur under her sleeve. Look what she did to Quintus’ father, Titus in the six-part prequel.

Leaving blood and gore aside, the producers of INGILI (Finger) which includes Ravee, Munavvaru and I have set our focus on releasing the film as soon as possible. The completion of colour grading has been fast-tracked. We have even thought of releasing the film in the island of K. Gulhi first. The film was shot entirely in that island. We have also thought of either donating the ticket sales of the shows in K. Gulhi to its people or give them shows for free of charge. But we’re just brooding over these options presently.

I leave for now. I got to support Arsenal as they play this very moment against West Brom. Luckily Arsenal is leading by a goal scored by Arteta from the spot.


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