The finale of season two of television series SPARTACUS ends with a rip-roaring conclusion with promise of more blood and carnage in season three. I mean, would the senate of Rome keep quiet after what Spartacus and his warriors did to Glaber and his legion? Spartacus even killed Varinius, another decorated praetor? Spartacus’ final words of the last episode were, ‘Let Rome sends their legions. We will face them. And see all follow Glaber in death.’

Liam McIntyre shines as Spartacus, the strategic leader who leads his ill-fated warriors to victory when all hope is lost as they find themselves trapped on top of the Vesuvius volcano, to where they fled when they were outnumbered by Glaber and his legion. Spartacus’ final speech to his disheartened warriors was stirring. He delivered it with aplomb, just as a true leader would.

‘The Romans hold numbers far outweighing our own. Yet they have revealed time and again fatal flaw. That they believe the Roman way is the only one. Just as they believe that there is only one way to leave this mountain. We shall teach them that we forge our own paths. And nothing in this world is impossible, when heart and mind are put towards it. Brace rope, let us begin a lesson forever remembered. The sound will mask descent. The gods bless us with good fortune. Free men create their own. We are all gods this night. And the Romans shall feel our wrath.’

Andy Whitfield would be smiling as Liam bravely took over the reins of the series after his untimely death.

Though the season ended on a triumphant note, it was sad to see Mira die as she was one of the bravest female characters I have seen on both TV and screen. If Lieutenant Ellen L. Ripley was for Aliens or Sarah Connors was for Terminator, Mira was for Spartacus. Though not realized by Spartacus, Mira played a huge role in shaping his destiny. I still believe that Mira was the reason Spartacus became a true leader. In the final battle he probably found strength when Mira was killed. He sure is a man who fought for the women in his life.

Mira may have died, but to see Naevia fought so bravely against Ashur was an elation even though the final beheading was a little bit overly graphic. But I was rooting for her. Naevia was another strong female character who would not succumb to the evil that men have done to her or the tragic circumstances that occurred in her life. To see her stand up on her feet even that symbolically in a sword fight with the man who undid her is something to be treasured. With her powerful reply to Ashur when he degrades her infront of Crixus and her fellow warriors, I wanted to finish him off too. I may have liked his evilness but at that point I really cursed him.

‘My death will not heal the scars you bear. Nor erase of my **bleep** inside of her, or all those that followed,’ Ashur attacks Naevia with ill words.

‘No. It will not. But it is a **bleep** start,’ cries Naevia. Rest is Ashur’s history.

The series has left me like someone possessed. I’m a true fan now. The series has toppled FRIENDS from my favorite TV series list after staying on top since 1994. I can’t wait to see the third season of Spartacus which starts next month.

To fill the void left by Spartacus, my wife and I started watching GAME OF THRONES last night. Many of our kin and friends recommended it. My wife did watch the first two episodes of the first season. I don’t really know what happened after couple of minutes into the first episode.

Ravee and I met at L’Aquila this evening. Ravee will be getting the final audio files of INGILI (Finger) from Mohamed Ikram, composer and sound designer of the film tonight. We are planning to have a test screening next week with limited invitees. Ravee has already booked a place. I’m excited to hear the comments on our first experimental movie.


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