Since first of this month, I have been out of town and on vacation with my family, thus my short absence from posting anything at all. It was a well spent three nights at Lily Beach Resort and Spa, thanks to my sister for taking us with her. Her job at the mentioned resort’s main office comes with such rewarding benefits. A career change did cross my mind fleetingly. But I’m sure I’d be fired the very next day for spending too much time away from my job, most probably typing out my next screenplay under the shades of the coconut palms at the fringe of the long stretch of white sandy pristine beach that gets caressed slowly by the soothing waves generated from the crystal clear blue sea, with the help of the wind that is. And then there’s my pina colada by my side, which of course is non-alcoholic. Brownie points I do seek.

During the entire trip when my son was walking on anything but the sand which was like the whole resort had a full infrastructure of sandy roads and beach all around except for the wooden deck of the open air restaurants and the room we stayed in, I was busy shooting with my Nokia N8. And at times I shot while carrying my son who I knew wanted to give me some tips on handling the camera but then decided it was best to do it when he grows up and when I’m too old and unable to refute him. He had that look, you know? Anyway, I will be compiling a music video of this trip just like the one I did when my family including my sister’s took a trip to Island Hideaway in August this year. All in all I always do a music video of all my family trips.

Soon after we returned home on Tuesday, I met with Ravee at L’Aquila that evening. But before we sat down for a coffee, we met actor and editor, Abdulla Muaz and reconfirmed his commitment to do the color grading of INGILI (Finger). He asked us to drop the film’s project at his studio at our earliest.

Mohamed Ikram, music composer and sound designer of INGILI joined us while Ravee and I were having coffee. Ikram didn’t order a coffee though. He went for some kind of newly promoted fruit juice in a can.

Last night, my wife and I started watching the second season of SPARTACUS titled SPARTACUS: VENGEANCE. We didn’t mind filling our eyes with blood, gore and sex straightaway. Without those elements, there’s no SPARTACUS. Speaking of whom, we felt that Liam McIntyre as the replacement of Andy Whitfield looked too young like in the very first episode Mira tries to put some sense into his thick skull by telling him that they needed a leader not some angry boy who can barely piss without splashing everyone. That sums up our new Spartacus. But I have faith in Liam and I’m sure he’d make Andy proud as he will set his feet firmly on the character as the season progresses.

I guess for the very reason, the first two episodes of the second season which I have seen so far were crafted wisely, as the narrative of both episodes delves deeply into other characters especially Glaber and Oenomaus respectively.

And then there’s Lucretia. I almost sprung out of my seat to see her returned and give enough reasons for my wife to frown. Her appearance really was a joyous surprise. She’s like a phoenix to be reborn from the ashes. And to see Ashur reappear as well at the end of the second episode felt that the much needed evil is once again restored. And to realize that he and Lucretia are scheming together mean that everyone around them are in for a real treat. Can’t wait to find out what they are up to.


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