Director Hussain Munavvaru including his cast and crew have returned from Shaviyani Atoll this morning after completing majority of principal photography of DHIKALANI (FIRE SPARKS). I just came from his studio after watching couple of dailies. They look absolutely great! The performance from all the actors were outstanding, Munavvaru’s direction looked solid and photography by Maskey was well handled. Their work was beyond my expectation.

The production of DHILAKANI started off in Male’ in late August. After shooting all the scenes required to be shot in Male’ except for two historical scenes, production was then shifted to Feevaku of Shaviyani Atoll. Most of the shooting was done there before leaving to Foakaidhoo of the same atoll.

DHILAKANI was inspired from one of my favorite films of Hollywood which was released some 18 years ago. However, my screenplay deals with one man’s tumultuous journey to seek vengeance, his undoing and his eventual redemption from an unlikeliest of sources. Some of the ultra violent scenes in the film were based on real incidents that were happened in different corners of Maldives in recent times. The film also has a political subplot which I think, if I’m not wrong, is a subject new in Dhivehi films. If some filmmakers contradict this, I sincerely apologize.

In other news, due to some financial issues, I was asked by my client to stall writing the dramedy I was going to start next and for which I have lost enough sleep and hair too. Though temporarily, I felt a ton off my both shoulders, that’s a total of two tons. But those tons will occupy my both shoulders once again when I’m asked to resume writing. Until then I can do some arm circles and rocky presses.

This evening I met with Ravee at L’Aquila, not the Italian city I mean. This place is my favorite coffee hangout these days. I simply love the ambiance and the woody interior. And their Illy Marocchino is my latest craving. An espresso shot with cocoa powder and milk froth, it’s yummy! Anyway, where was I? Yes, my meeting with Ravee.

We discussed on the final installment of our two characters at one location trilogy. We brainstormed on couple of additions here and there to my already done rough screenplay outlining. I must say the meeting was very productive. We even developed the two female characters and how their interaction with each other will be throughout the film. I’m so tempted to reveal in detail everything we discussed but this storyline needs to be kept under wraps.

Before I really giveaway any spoilers, I end this post.


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