FATTHAAH on his facebook status has revealed the shooting date and some of the casting for his upcoming direction, LEYKARUNAIN (TEARS IN BLOOD). That pretty much gives me some license to highlight on the actors he has revealed. As for the shooting date, I have already mentioned which date it is in my last post.

Actor SEEZAN is top billed for the lead role. That’s self-explanatory I guess. Meanwhile in-demand AMIRA and revived SHEELA will play the leading ladies. I don’t see disclosing both these actresses having equal roles spoiling the storyline. But I’m not going to tell which roles they play. Neither FATTHAAH did. But I think both these actresses can chew up their roles effortlessly. FATTHAAH told me that AMIRA is very eager to play her role.

As for SEEZAN, I can say this. His role would fit him like a glove. And speaking of him, it’s funny how I’m kind of in splits to cite him. For some odd reasons, it’s hitting me that I might have to post another apology note. If that sounds too serious, just know that I’m only kidding. So jokes apart, I think SEEZAN will do great. He was pretty youthful in JINNI, his latest collaboration with FATTHAAH. Yes, his role in LEYKARUNAIN requires more youthfulness.

As for the fourth principal role, FATTHAAH in his status has asked us to guess who that actor is. Which means my license to discuss about that actor has expired.


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