Blockbuster of this year, NIUMA will have a special screening somewhere in December, that’s next month. However, only DV production holds the right to announce the screening date. Besides, I don’t even know the exact date. All I know is that it’s on December. And check what else I know. Foreigners working here in Male’ will get to see NIUMA with English subtitles. How do I know all this? You see, the task of subtitling has fallen upon me. This is where I raise my eyebrows in quick successions with a grin.

Anyway, my deadline is before 5th of December. That means, the screening will take place after fifth. So there you go, somewhere after 5th and before 31st of December, NIUMA will be screened. And I also know this much. Screening will not take place at Olympus or Athena, or Star Cinema for that matter. Since it’s going to be special, I’m assuming that the venue will be special too. Have I given away too much?

I took over the subtitling task two days ago. I was given a softcopy in two parts. Yes, two files with a watermark saying my full name, in case I leak it online. But I’m trustworthy. DV Production knows that.

I’m halfway subtitling the first part. Hopefully I will wrap that part tomorrow. While I’m using Subtitle Workshop version 2.51 and wearing headphones, one thing I noticed was that I get to hear even the faintest of sound very clearly. And I must praise music and sound designer, IKRAM for his meticulous work. And oh, speaking of which, I helped IKRAM with the foley. So it was funny to identify how we made a particular sound to a totally different action on screen. Like in one scene where SHEELA lies on a wooden bench with her head on YOOPPE’s lap. She gets up and slides towards him. The sound of her sliding on the wooden bench was created me frisking a squeezed bubble bag slowly on my jeans. Not that funny?

Before I publish this post, here’s an update on SAZAA (PUNISHMENT). Color grading is almost done. That news is straight from TED who is doing the color grading.

Last but not least, today I had a chat on facebook with composer/ producer, THITTHI  who is currently living in Perth. He said ROAD, a supernatural thriller which I wrote, will be green lit once he returns home. He also said that ROAD is his dream project. And for me writing ROAD was a real treat. That’s my first foray in to supernatural thrillers. Thanks to THITTHI, RAVI and ISHEE for convincing me.

With that bit of news, for now, I say cheers!

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