This evening, I finished revising INDHIRAAS (DECADENCE) for DV Production. Since I first started writing it many months ago, I couldn’t help pinning my hopes that INDHIRAAS will be a real crowd pleaser, but if done the way I have written. My hopes are still pinned and I have my reasons.

Firstly, actor MUA guaranteed that he’s going to transform himself mentally and physically like the character I have written which was tailor made for him. Secondly, director BAARU SHAREE, though verbally, agreed to helm and his decision still remains intact when I met him two days ago. Thirdly, producer MUHAMMAA is willing to make this project his number one priority of his production company for next year. Last but not least, the storyline, though violent, is emotional, intensely dramatic and has some neat twist and turns. However, the most important reason which depends on how committed MUA is, I decline to reveal any further. With all these reasons, I don’t see why I shouldn’t pin my hopes or even raise it higher or the highest I can.

Now that I have made huge revisions, the screenplay looks more potent than it did when I first wrote it. I did spend more time polishing the scenes between MUA and his love interest which has now turned more intense, not to mention more flirtatious as well. I really wish I could write more about every single scene I have changed but not without spoiling the story which is tightly kept under wraps.

Currently DV Production is getting ready to officially announce start of production. But this much I know. Production won’t commence before January 2011. Director SHAREE can only free himself for INDHIRAAS after January. Yet pre-production will begin sooner.

Moving on to a different subject, last night director FATTHAAH called me to inform that principal photography of LEYKARUNAIN (BLOOD IN TEARS) will start on, drum roll, 4th January 2011. That’s actually earlier than he first planned. He will officially announce start of production somewhere around last week of December, 2010. He even updated me on casting. Actors for principal roles are almost finalized except for one. He is currently negotiating with a newcomer who was only seen in few video songs that were released recently. More on this later.

I guess that’s all for now. I am pretty excited now that hopefully two screenplays of mine will go under production next year. Then there’s SAZAA (PUNISHMENT) which will be released on 29th March 2011. Still staying with March next year, inshah Allah the biggest excitement of my life will also be released, which is neither a film nor a screenplay.


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