AHAREN made in to a TVM serial…

AHAREN a film I co-wrote with MOHAMED HILMY and directed by BAARU SHAREE which was proclaimed a flop at the box office has made its debut on TVM last night, as a 5 part mini-series. AHAREN will fill the TVM Monday night slot vacated by HINITHUNVELAASHEY KALAA which ended on 11th November 2008.

AHAREN literally translated ‘I’ was co-produced by UNFPA as part of a gender sensitization project that tackles the issue of violence against women. The film also has a subplot concerning drug addiction. Take note that it was not released with any intention of raising a profit. Does that mean whatever this film did at the box office doesn’t make it a flop? I don’t know, I am not the judge here. I am just stating the facts. Who am I rebutting, anyway? Me, I or myself? Guess the title has gotten in to my nerves.

Apart from AHAREN being a flop, it will also be remembered when most of its cast and crew raised their disappointment when the film was not submitted for the 5th National Film Awards. The cast and crew are yet to know from the producer why it was not submitted. I haven’t the slightest clue. Did the producer forget?

Anyway, lets see how AHAREN fares on small screen. Is the audience paying to watch this film on TV as well? Thought this was a non-profit project.

One Response to “AHAREN made in to a TVM serial…”

  1. Ashiya

    Aharen is a damn good movie when considered through all aspects of production. The script writers, the director, the crew and the cast, in my opinion, did an outstanding job. As for the hit flop status, I don\’t want to comment. Why it was not part of the national awards, we had quite an argument on that. I hope those who did not get to see it on screen, will watch it on TV and we will get to hear their comments. Let\’s wait and see how the audience reacts to the concept, issues and production quality of the film.


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