an UNTITLED project…

I am going to delay writing 40 and start on an untitled project which I have developed for actor/ director/ producer SEEZAN last year. To be honest, I was not expecting this project to rekindle anytime soon.  
I have long written a treatment for this project which was a concept originally developed by SEEZAN himself. The project was then shelved from there until a day ago SEEZAN called me up. He wanted to fast track this project as the first production from his studio, C-XANAL MOVIES next year. 
One thing led to another in shelving this project.  First, the producer who first met me with SEEZAN got split.  So I was unable to verify whose project it was. Since it was a concept of SEEZAN, I decided that he would be the sole owner of the screenplay once it was written. Then SEEZAN got busy shooting KHALAAS in Sri Lanka. Few months later after KHALAAS was released and withdrawn from the cinema after three shows, SEEZAN dived head first in to the recently ended presidential election campaigning. Now that it’s over weeks ago, I am thinking that SEEZAN is able to fill his chest with some fresh air and set his focus on films again. However, I thought he would produce the political film which he announced simultaneously with KHALAAS. But it was not meant to be. Maybe he’d enough of politics and needs a diversion.
SEEZAN wants this untitled project to be written for end of January 2009. Since a treatment has been written and part of the structure has been development to some extent, it won’t be long before I start writing the screenplay. In short, this project is a suspense thriller set inside a romatic love triangle. The whole story will take place in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. 
More news on the concept once I fully develop the stucture. Until then, I am off to my notepad.

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