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au revoir RAANIYA…

At around 1549 hours, I typed the following words at the end of the 151st page of RAANIYA screenplay. THE END. Yes, the first draft of RAANIYA has been completed. And what I feel right now is simply indescribable. But most of all I feel extremely sad for the trials and tribulations of the protagonist, RAANIYA. But eventually it’s these very trials and tribulations that test the undying love she has for ISHAAN. Can she forever suppress this love? Why is she trying to push him away? Why did she disappear without an explanation? What has she done?

To reflect on the original screenplay written by AISHATH NEENA, I borrowed few key plot points and revamped the whole concept in a non-linear manner with several changes in characters and their development. The whole structure of the story has been re-imagined for the screen while adding several new plot points. And the twist is non existent in the original. But I was definitely inspired by NEENA. It’s magical to work on her stories. I must say that RAANIYA is a cut above the rest manifold than her VAALOABI ENGEYNAMA…

Love, friendship, betrayal, sin, vow, sacrifice and redemption are the very themes I have explored in RAANIYA, which is made up of 105 contrived scenes. The screenplay shifts from past and present to reveal the true self of RAANIYA. As promised, it starts with a bloody hook, then fast forwards to three years later to show the present life of all the characters. Then at act two, the story once again rewinds to three years earlier to explore the past of all the characters. After that at act three, the screenplay once again moves forward to present day showing how past comes haunting RAANIYA leading to another unexpected tragedy. But it’s the final twist that explains the crucial decision of RAANIYA. But here’s the beauty of that twist. It will be shared by RAANIYA and the audience only. Writing more on the plot would spoil the story. So I guess I better avoid a possible law suit from the producers.

RAANIYA is a mix of DRAMA and ROMACE with a twist that would put the audience in splits. But it’s going to be a good one for most. Good thing is that the audience will have to wait till the last scene for it to unravel. A bloody hook at the start, an engaging romantic drama in the middle and a twist at the end should make up for an engaging film if done properly. So, how good my screenplay is translated to the screen depends on how good FATTHAAH is with his direction. I have faith in him.

This film may also be regarded as a musical since RAANIYA is a good guitar player and so is ISHAAN who is portrayed as a guitar playing budding musician with a band called UNFREEZE. Does that name sounds familiar? And the romance between RAANIYA and ISHAAN is built on a song started composing by RAANIYA who manages to complete it when ISHAAN and she fall in love. Sounds corny?

I think I have said enough. And if I stay writing, I am going to end up revealing the whole story and thus a possible law suit. I want neither. I am going to bind the first draft hopefully tomorrow and will hand over to FATTHAAH. In the meantime, my wife will have a read as usual and will sit down with her for some solid and constructive criticism. She always gives that much needed touch to patch up all the loop holes in all of my screenplays. I will sit down for rewrites after both of them are done reading. For now, I am free and my wife feels that she’s the happiest woman in the world. For over a month, she has been betrayed by RAANIYA with whom I have been in love. But to think about it, she knew all along that I was falling for RAANIYA, yet it couldn’t be considered a betrayal or being unfaithful.

And oh one more thing, she has already given me the usual bear hug that she always gives me every time I finish writing.

More on the re-writes and production news later…


2 Responses to “au revoir RAANIYA…”

  1. Aminath

      Aww babes.. am so motivated to give my "constructive critisism" hehehhe. Although, sometimes its a battle to prove my point..:) loves ya

  2. shazeen samad

    Well done man, You have already proved us that you are the best… Best of luck!!!…


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