writing RAANIYA…

I have re-structured and started re-writing RAANIYA, which was written by AISHATH NEENA several years ago. Following are the major facelift I have given for my version of the screenplay.

  • I have updated the major plot points of the storyline to make it more acceptable by today’s audience. At the period the original screenplay was written, mobile phones were not introduced.
  • The screenplay has been given a non-linear treatment from its straightforward storytelling. My version opens with a powerful and not to mention a very bloody hook that ends with several questions that will be revealed at the final half of the film. Between the opening and the closing, the story shifts from now and then but in a very comprehensive way.
  • Most importantly, the character’s ages have been upped to suit for a more mature audience since I felt that the concept sounds more dramatic that way. Originally it had characters that were below twenty years of age.

RAANIYA is about the titular protagonist, who had to suppress her love for a man due to a tragic turn of events. However, her past comes to haunt her yet with more dire consequences. I think I have said enough about the storyline. Can I stop?

To date, I have completed 17 scenes which is like 20 minutes even if filmed at a slower pace. The story flow feels incredible and fresh. More than one way, RAANIYA is more profound and engaging than Neena’s previous story VAALOABI ENGEYNAMA… RAANIYA has more flawed characters who seek redemption. Now, that’s my favourite territory I always love to explore. See how RAANIYA fares.

I am hoping to complete the first draft by the end of this month.

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