RAANIYA to be rewritten…

Ramadan mubarik to all the readers.
This evening I have been commissioned by ABDUL FATTHAAH to re-write RAANIYA which DASH STUDIO started production several years ago helmed by SEMI MUSTAFA. Back then the production was on and off several times and later was halted for a reason I have no clue. SEMI had completed 90% of the shooting, but DASH STUDIO owner wants it to be re-done. This has been a pet project of his.
RAANIYA was written by AISHATH NEENA, the author behind the story of VAALOABI ENGEYNAMA… which won 11 awards at the 5th National Film Awards. I wrote the screenplay for that film too, ahem, in case you didn’t know!
FATTHAAH is confirmed to direct for DASH STUDIO in association with his studio RED PRODUCTIONS.
I have the original screenplay written by NEENA and will go through it during the next 3 to 5 days from today. I am not sure what the story is about but all I know is that I am going to enjoy any story by NEENA. Her story of VAALOABI ENGEYNAMA I thoroughly enjoyed even though I hate reading. The title, RAANIYA refers to the protagonist who is a girl. The story must be about her. Well, good then!
I am scheduling to finish the first draft by the end of this month. Will keep you all posted about the story, the screenplay and the progress.

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