MENDHAN… sometimes murder can be confusing.

Is it too soon to wander in to murder territory? Only few days back I killed 5 people mercilessly in ROAD. However, I felt like I need to continue the trend. MENDHAN is a concept I thought about long time back which deals with a timely topic. Was that a give away?  The whole story revolves around a murder… fortunately this time just one but who needs to be disposded of in the eyes of 6 characters. This is part a black comedy and part a whodunit but mostly a whydunit.
The story starts from present day up to the events leading to the murder and the murder itself introducing all 6 characters in their own righteous ways planning to murder the same person at the strike of midnight, hence the title MENDHAN. The story then cuts back to 18 hours ealier showing in segments the reasons for each 6 characters to commit murder. But the twist to the story is at the end which will be shown as a separate segment thus revealing the real person who commited the murder and why. Sounds interesting or confusing? Check the tagline I have thought about. It goes as follows.
MENDHAN… sometimes murder can be confusing.
I decided to work on this project after I finished ROAD and felt inspired from the latter… to murder more people? I don’t know but this time its just one. So that’s okay, I think… or is it? I am currently working on my old notes and trying to structure the whole screenplay which is all literally done… in my head. No producer is attached to this but will open for bidding once I finish writing. This I am writing as a short with a duration of 60 to 80 minutes. Why not fill the extra 10 minutes to make it a feature? Maybe not!
More on MENDHAN later.
And oh one more thing before I type off, director RAVI was taken by surprise by the twist I have added in ROAD screenplay. He even did some googling himself to see if what I have added was all true. It turned out that the facts I have used in ROAD to bring the twist was very true. They had no comments on ROAD. I have closed that deal now.

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