end of ROAD…

I have wrapped up ROAD last night, three days before the deadline. The first draft of the screenplay was handed over to producer THITTHI this evening at FOOD GARDEN. Director RAVI and visual effects supervisor ISHEE also participated including the distributor of the movie. RAVI will have a read tonight and we will hook up tomorrow for the feedback.
At the request of the production team, I wrote an alternate ending which they will include in ROAD DVD. However, I like the original ending which is kind of dark and loops back to where it all began. Also this ending has a potential for a sequel. But I just hope they don’t decide on a sequel soon. I am done killing people in brutal fashion for now. A head count of five is too much for me to take. But surprisingly I enjoyed every moment of dispatching the mentioned five characters. Make me question myself whether I have a killer side in me… Eerie!
Can’t wait for RAVI to read the surprise twist I have constructed. Wonder if he likes it or gets scared of it… Might stir up some controversy.
The characters stay conflicted through out the entire screenplay never getting a chance to redeem themselves. Once again this is very not me. All my previous screenplays were about conflicted characters redeeming themselves at the end. And they do every time. But with ROAD its quite the opposite. I just hope the actors really understand the characters and bring them to life on screen. I have so much faith in RAVI.
Preproduction has already started on the many visual effects ROAD will offer. ISHEE is working on the dream sequence I have written which they thought was ultra cool. And their visual translantion of that scene really blows me away.  I have made the screenplay challenging for the technical team as well as for the actors. It demands every ounce of their talent to come out…
Some casting have also been done. I have seen the snap of the actor who is going to play RASHA, the girl who learns that her death is fast approaching. She absolutely looks the way I envisioned her character. She has very expressive eyes. The actor portraying JUNAID, the cop who is assigned to solve the mysterious deaths happened to be… well, an ex-cop. How cool is that? So he should fit JUNAID’s shoes nicely. The producers also want already established actor SHEELA to play a crucial role. At the time of writing, I am not sure whether they have approached her. For sure, she will nail her part with ease. She has played a similar role in one of the serials I wrote few years back.
My favorite of all the scenes is the ending, not the alternate ending though. The final scene really adds up everything nicely to a rousing finale with a real BANG… I won’t give away too many with plot spoilers.
And oh, one more thing, the working tagline of the movie goes like this: ROADevery road has a story.
Will update on ROAD later…

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