on the ROAD…

The working title of my new screenplay is ROAD which I am currently writing for ANTHAREES PRODUCTIONS owned by music composer NIFAAR aka THITTHI. The studio had already commissioned a screenwriter to write under a different title when I stepped in. THITTHI was concerned or I should say more worried with the delay in writing and he was not firm on the early concept of the screenplay.
While at coffee in RAANBAA with THITTHI, RAVI who is helmed to direct the project and ISHEE who is the visual effects director of the film, they discussed their version of the story with me. Sadly they never had a storyline except for 4 disjointed incidents. It was I who requested to take over the writing responsibilities since the concept demanded a unique visual style to cater their unique thinking. I just thought that I could deliver and this being a genre that I have not tackled so far, I was more than hooked. I must say that I was really tempted with saliva drooling from the corners of my mouth. Gross!  And I also happened to learn that they were wishing that I would write this screenplay but was in doubts that I would reject due to my busy schedule. They couldn’t believe when I decided to halt all my current projects for them. 
Next day, we had a meeting at FOOD GARDEN to construct a storyline to their fractured incidents. And we had another meeting at the same place the following day and I had noted down everything they wanted to include in the film. We agreed to keep the duration between 90 to 120 minutes.
After several researches including something that would surprise them that I included in the plot, I started the screenplay a day later and completed the first 30 minutes within 3 days. The first 30 minutes draft had 15 scenes and 20 pages. I gave them for a read since it would be better to continue writing once they commented. They were so satisfied and felt very emotional over the drama I have created and the conflicted characters I have developed. And moreover, they liked the non-linear approach I have used  in presenting the story.
At the time of writing this, I have completed the first 60 minutes including few changes to the first 30 minutes based on their comments. I am expecting their comments at any moment.
Guess I haven’t mentioned what this film is about, let alone the genre this films falls in to. Since the storyline is kept under wraps, I think I can reveal the genre. This film is a supernatural horror thriller that is very suspenseful. Wonder what genre that is…
The working title ROAD will be retitled after the full screenplay is written. But I hope they would agree on ROAD since ROAD is something we can relate to either naturally or un-naturally or supernaturally. And mind you ROAD is a scary place at times… Whoops! Have I given away too much?

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