the fifth and the final episode of NETHIDHIAYAS… the first docu-drama from TVM will be aired on thursday night at 2300 hrs. previous 4 episodes has gained popularity despite the now infamous extreme close-up shots of the narrators mouth who is also the real person this serial is based upon.
previous episodes follows the protagonist from his school days, his first contact with drugs and his eventual addiction in to drugs while simultaneously showing the effect of drug use has on his life, his family and his loved ones.
serial director and visual maestro SHARY dramatizes the scenes in raw, gritty and dark style he is so masterful with. his use of jump cuts, extreme close-ups and hand held camera is a treat. on my map, this serial has confirmed SHARY’s status as the best visual director in the maldives. three cheers for him. no doubt the serial finale will end with his trade mark rivetted all over it.
actor ISMAIL RASHEED has done a remarkable job portraying a promising youngster who destroys his life completely after being exposed to drugs. ISMAIL has shown that he is one of the few actors who likes to try his acting chops on gritty material. brave effort.
episode 4 goes deep inside the aftermath of being exoposed to brown sugar for the first time. ISMAIL shows the pain and the suffering he goes through while putting his family and loved ones in pain and suffering in a different way… their concern over his future. its a must see for everyone.

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