the first docu-drama from TVM based on a true story of a drug addict was premiered on 14th December 2006. the first episode of this five part serial  has a stunning visual style created by visual maestro SHAREE. the drama intercuts between the interviews of the real person together with interviews of his closed ones and friends and dramatization of certain points of his life. it looks absolutely raw.
after the first episode was shown, i had an immediate comment from a close friend of mine objecting the idea of showing such stories. he also added that it only encourages young people in to drugs. he went on to say that that ignorance is always bliss. true, but do we need to stay ignorant when our society is on the brink of becoming a nation of drugs? we need to try different methods to make a lasting statement that drug is bad. give this drama a chance…
anyways, this serial doesn’t support use of drugs. it only wants show the dangers of using drugs. how one man destroys his life and its dire consequences on his relatives and loved ones. keep watching…

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