A few hours ago, the big secret I have been itching to reveal ever since I first saw his scenes from upcoming film Hahdhu, has been finally unveiled tonight through a live feed from his Facebook page. After that, the final trailer, with his footages, was also uploaded.

Ahmed Fairooz who is well known nationwide as a steadfast anchor previously working at Raaje TV will make his feature film debut in Hahdhu. And what a debut it’s going to be. From the very first scenes of his, I was in awe to see him sharing screen time with heavyweights with aplomb and stealing every scene he was in. I even wondered if it was his first attempt at acting in films. He looks like a pro.

His charming screen presence is arresting while his comic timing spot on. Check out the final shot of the new trailer. I thank him for showcasing his acting chops on films and bravo Fatthaah for casting him. I remember how I kept nagging Fatthaah if Fairooz has what it takes to act in a film. He dislocated my jaw by surprising me completely and come 6th September his charisma will have audience begging for more. I also predict that he will have producers running after him. In my opinion, he is ready to take a leading role in any romantic film.

Hahdhu is a week away from unveiling his natural talent as an actor. It’s one of the biggest reasons to be excited about the film.


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