I just watched a rough cut of the opening scene of the upcoming film, Hahdhu. For me, it’s a notch above than any opening scene in a Dhivehi movie so far. It’s fascinating and will leave everyone hooked instantly. A brilliant job by the entire cast and crew.


The production team started shooting this scene mid-morning today and were only able to wrap up in the evening. When director Fatthaah called me to have a look at the rough edit, I knew, he has done a more enjoyable job than I first expected. I have been asking about this scene from day one of the production and have been checking with him when he was going to schedule the scene. Finally, it’s over, but the scene will linger in my memory forever, if not for a very long time.

This scene serves firstly as a visual hook, secondly and most importantly it defines the character of Yusra, played to perfection by Azxza, without neither a prior build-up nor any use of exposition scenes of the character later on. Finally, this scene has shown the technical brilliance of director Fatthaah and his team, especially cinematographer Kandi Visan. Unexpectedly, the latter came to the studio while we finished watching the scene, and I immediately stood up, shook his hand and gave him a bear hug.

Fatthaah also stayed true to the tribute to one particular shot of a famous movie which I always requested by shooting with a similar camera movement. I don’t want to spoil the fun, but the audience will immediately recognise this shot once they get to see a full scene given tribute to a critical scene in the same film. I must say that the cast and the crew have done a fantastic job. Now it is up to post-production supervisor Ahmed Saaji and music composer Misty to make it more fun and relatable. I have discussed this scene with both, and I am now waiting impatiently to see their take on it.

Hahdhu will be premiered on 06 September 2017 and purchase of tickets are now open.


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