The second trailer of the upcoming film, Hahdhu was released tonight via the film’s Facebook page. Below is the link to the trailer.

This trailer unveils the outstanding supporting cast of the film starting with Arifa Ibrahim who plays a no-nonsense mother of the male protagonist, Ahmed Shiban. She opens the trailer with a catchy line, “Knock! Knock!”

The trailer then shows some new aerial shots, a shot of Mariyam Shakeela, Aminath Rishfa with a girl, Mohamed Rasheed before giving a small glimpse of an aggressive-looking Mariyam Haleem with a wooden mallet.

The trailer then shifts into a more melancholy mood with a distressing line from Fauziyya Hassan. The trailer then proceeds by showing a happy girl, a girl on a swing to the song, Thauba (Absolution). The trailer ends with Mariyam Azxza and the same tag line, what is your limit?

Not much of the story is revealed but gives depth and the quality of the supporting characters. Breathtaking cinematography by Kandi Vishan. Another well made trailer by Ahmed Sajid.

Hahdhu will be premiered on 06 September 2017. That’s 26 more days to go.


  1. Ibrahim

    Amazing work πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» all the best


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