Last night we concluded the test screening of INGILI (Finger). Our selected guests were veteran filmmaker Mohamed Hilmy from whom I have learnt a lot on making films, Mohamed Munthasir aka Munco who is a renowned theatre actor/writer/director/producer and finally Ahmed Shakeeb who is a film producer and owner of film studio, Movie Maldives.

After the show, Munco tweeted, ‘Attended a preview night of INGILI tonight, I enjoyed it and the effort was good. Like the flow and feel. Hope to watch it in theatres soon. Thanx for the invitation guys.’

Later Hilmy on his facebook status updated, ‘Last night I attended the preview of short film INGILI (finger) I would say it is a good gamble which will give confidence to new thinking & experimental films. I congratulate Ravi & Mahdi. Keep going, my best wishers are with you.’

On behalf of INGILI production team, our sincere gratitude goes to Hilmy, Munco and Shakeeb.

Based on the constructive feedback of last night, Ravee did few trimmings here and there this evening. The film looks better now, much better!

The shooting of Traphic Jam music video is getting a bit delayed due to their busy schedule. And if we can’t shoot it before 23rd of this month, then we have to wrap it up during the first week of March. The official premier of the film is scheduled for 9th March.

As promised, below is a link to the new trailer of INGILI aired on Filmy Udhares of TVM on 8th February 2013. Your comments are most welcomed.


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