‘I was thrilled to watch Dhivehi film, INGILI. It’s a must-see.’ Those were the very words tweeted by Kayano from the popular local band Traphic Jam right after watching a preview of the movie. Kayano’s friend, Naaif who also watched the preview tweeted, ‘Breakaway from local movie stereotypes for sure. Thanks for the screening.’ The pleasure is all ours, I mean the producers.

Yesterday, the producers held a meeting with a very important person who helped the production in many ways. We discussed on premiering the movie in K. Gulhi, the very island where we had the shooting. The producers have decided to donate the ticket sales of the premiere night to the school fund of the island. This is the first time any Dhivehi film is doing such a thing. We thought we couldn’t have wrapped up INGILI (Finger) without the help of the youth of K. Gulhi. And this was the best we can do for them in return.

Director Ravee has started the color grading work of INGILI. He’s aided by CGI genius, Ahmed Shinan. Ravee is set to complete the task in ten days.

Meanwhile the shooting of music video Ingili by Traphic Jam is being planned together with the band. The music video will be featured in the end credits of the film.

As planned the new trailer of INGILI will be released on coming Friday on TVM’s Filmee Udhares. The trailer will be made available on both facebook pages of the program and the movie. And I will be uploading it on youtube and on this blog as well. So stay tuned.


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